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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Fabled “fat lady” starts second stanza, Gingrich, Paul refuse to face reality

Written By: Bob - Apr• 24•12

The GOP Presidential primary should be all but clinched by the end of the day, with Mitt Romney expected to put the nomination mathematically out of reach for Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich.

Sadly, there is no indication that either Paul nor Gingrich have any intention of facing reality and ending their campaigns. I can only assume this is because of massive egos. Both men are wasting their supporter’s money. In so doing, they reinforce why they should not be the nominee when a massive and growing debt is our nation’s most pressing fiscal problem.

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  1. KWS says:

    Paul’s purpose is to prove to the blind, deaf, and dumb Republican party that there is wide support for a truly conservative/libertarian (ie, limited govt.) agenda. Republicans pay lip service to this agenda but seldom carry it out except in very limited, narrow ways. Republicans have been nearly as responsible for our current debt as Obama, and certainly they are still voting for the NDAA and the Patriot Act and all manner of other laws that violate civil liberties. Unlike Gingrich, Paul is still winning delegates, as we saw in Minnesota yesterday. He was cheated out of delegates in Maine by Republicans who were intent on “their” candidate winning and denying delegates to anyone else. Other states (eg, Iowa) have also had corrupt nominating processes that appear to have hurt Paul. Paul’s primary goal for several years has been to educate the next generation about the Constitution and current threats to our civil liberties. He’s doing that well, as evidenced by large crowds on college campuses (4,000 at Michigan, 9,000 at UC-Berkeley, of all places). Personally I’m all in favor of him continuing on, as it provides him a platform for going into cities and on college campuses with his message. So far as I know, he is virtually the only politician who spends much time discussing our Constitution. How can it be a bad thing for him to continue to provide today’s generation – so woefully “educated” in our high schools – with this information?

    I have no idea why Gingrich continues, except for comedic relief. :)

  2. Les says:

    I find it interesting how the Republican party uses predominantly the liberal Eastern States to pick their candidates. By the time there is a primary in Texas, the candidates are picked, no matter who is on the ballot. A real waste of money is a Presidential Primary in Texas. Just save that money and use it to fund the election of whatever socialist light person the media and the Northeast have picked for us. I voted for Sarah Palin last time the only way I could; by voting for loose cannon McCain. I hope Ron Paul is still on the ticket and still running when our primary finally happens, so it is more than a rubber stamp for the media’s candidate. (I will vote for Romney if I must, in a presidential election. Better socialist light than stone Marxist.)

  3. Larry says:

    Looks like Gingrich is now out of it.