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Hello, Angela “Nifong” Corey

Written By: Bob - Apr• 13•12

I was stunned listening to Florida Special Prosecutor Angela Corey Wednesday evening, speaking of praying with Trayon Martin’s parents and of her desire of “justice for Trayon,” a hot-button, dog-whistle phrase that has been a rallying crying for a large black community more interested in lynching George Zimmerman (many in the most literal sense) than of seeking anything like true justice at all.

That surprise was furthered when Corey announced that she was going to pursue 2nd Degree murder charges, which the vast majority of legal experts seem to think is both unwarranted and nearly impossible to prove.

Corey’s press conference–or as some called it, her reelection campaign speech–also hinted that the Sanford PD had been close to finishing their investigation when she stepped in, and that they seemed comfortable in their conclusion that Zimmerman should not have been charged at all.

The worse part of the press conference was Corey’s apparently selective evidentiary process, where she discounted the physical evidence of grass stains and wounds on George Zimmerman and the only two visual eyewitnesses in the case, that both ID’d Zimmerman as the man on the ground screaming for help, and instead cited Trayvon Martin’s mother’s claim that she identified the voice heard in the background of a neighbor’s 911 call as her son, which is inadmissible as evidence.

It was brutally self-serving, blatantly and cynically politically motivated. I suggested immediately on Twitter that the press conference video could prove to be wonderful evidence for her eventual disbarment, which should be on the table.

I’m no lawyer, however, so my views carry little weight.

Legendary liberal Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, however, has reached much the same conclusion that Corey’s charging of Zimmerman was a miscarriage of justice.

I remember the Duke Lacrosse case. I remember how a lynch mob of race-baiting leftists, dishonest journalists, and a politically corrupt district attorney named Mike Nifong conspired to ruin the lives of innocent college students over the claims of a drug-addicted stripper… a woman now presently facing a murder charge.

Angela Corey reminds me very much of Mr. Nifong, in her grandstanding, in her apparently selective culling of evidence, and in her generally unethical behavior.

Once George Zimmerman has the charges against him thrown out by the trial judge–and I do strongly suspect that is a matter of “when” and not “if”–I hope the Florida Bar and criminal justice system take a long, hard look at the evidence of what Angela Corey was trying to do, weigh the evidence, and decide whether or not she needs to be the next person facing criminal charges.

Update: Ace opines, and Allahpundit weighs in:

I don’t understand Corey’s strategy in charging him with murder two. Maybe she thinks Zimmerman will plead to a lesser charge, but if it’s anything less than manslaughter she’s going to take tremendous heat for having gone too easy on him. That’s a weird predicament for a politically-minded prosecutor to put herself in. She’ll take some heat even if she gets him to cop to manslaughter, in fact, since manslaughter is a crime of simple negligenceand people who want him prosecuted believe Zimmerman’s far more morally culpable than that. (This is all assuming he’d be willing to make a deal, which, given the weakness of the charging instrument, he probably isn’t.) In fact, I also don’t get why she insisted on filing an affidavit of probable cause instead of taking the case to a grand jury. If they refused to indict him, she could have blamed them for him getting off and claimed she’d given it her best effort. As it is, if Dershowitz is right, her own affidavit’s about to be tossed by a judge and then she’ll have to answer for why she couldn’t even get to first base on a conviction.

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  1. Orion says:

    I’ve said on other sites that I think this is a GOOD thing for Mr. Zimmerman.

    He is now in a safe place, it helps calm the race-crazies, he’ll get his day in court and when, as seems likely, he’s found innocent he’s protected from further prosecution by double-jeopardy. Hopefully it’ll also keep the very racially motivated DOJ out of it.


    • Sean says:

      *snort* No he’s not. Because his life as it was is now pretty much destroyed. He sure as hell can’t stay in the same community. Plus he’ll probably have to defend against a civil suit by Martin’s family afterwords. PLUS…There’s also the spectre of the never to be sufficiently damned, goddamn feds. I say here and now they are ENTIRELY stupid enough to try and take him to federal court. [Civil Rights. Yes I truly believe they ARE that fucking stupid. Fast and Furious anyone?],Which, AGAIN like this criminal charges case, will be STRICTLY politically driven, not because of a preponderance of evidence of his “guilt”. If he’s found Not Guilty, as I expect I sure hope Z, has a plan for what to do and where to go afterwords. If he stays…he’ll end up having to put a bullet in one of the boils on the ass of humanity that have been issuing death threats against him.

  2. Cole says:

    Have to disagree about this being a good thing for Zimmerman. I haven’t heard anything about Zimmerman being segregated from the general populace. So he’s surrounded by violent black felons. With all the racial animosity being stirred up the odds of him making it to trial are slim.

    And if Zimmerman makes it to trial it isn’t going to be fair or impartial. He better pray the judge throws it out. But the same people that funneled this to Corey will funnel the case to a hand-picked judge. The judge will cave for the same reason Corey did: fear of the angry mob and political backlash. Every jury pool in the nation is tainted thanks to Obama and the Media. It would take a brave individual on that jury to stand against Jackson, Sharpton, NBPP, and the rest of the black terrorists. Especially since they have the backing of Holder and his racist DOJ.

    Zimmerman should have fled the country. We live in a tyranny now and he’ll probably receive no justice.

  3. Steven says:

    Even if he’s found not guilty at the state level, double jepordy does not apply if he get charged under federal law. See: Rodney King trial.

  4. SDN says:

    Everyone here is forgetting one important point: now that Zimmerman has been charged / arrested, under FL’s SYG law he can be sued in civil court.
    So what will happen is that:

    1. the state gets a criminal trial to placate the Professional Race Pimps and stave off riots in the summer which would kill the tourist trade,

    2.Holder and the DOJ get to use all the evidence they gather for a double jeopardy Federal trial, and

    3. Crump gets to take that same evidence gathered by the state (which can get it for a criminal trial in ways Crump can’t in a civil one) for a triple jeopardy civil suit, under a lower standard of evidence, and with all the weaknesses he needs to “come up with” evidence or explanations for demonstrated.

    Win-Win-Win… except for the schmuck who actually believed that the legal system means a damn.

    • Bob says:

      The thing is, Stand Your Ground DOES NOT APPLY.

      If he is guilty of 2nd degree murder or manslaughter they have a civil avenue anyway, and if a judge tosses the case (the most likely outcome) he once again regains immunity.

      At least that is my understanding. I’d love to get some FL legal experts to weigh in on this one.

      • Roach says:

        He doesn’t necessarily get the civil immunity. The judge could either dismiss the affidavit as inadequate onsome evidentiary basis or he could find through a preponderance Zimmerman acted in self defense under the immunity hearing provisions of Florida self defense law.

        I’m a Fla. Atty. I don’t think stand your ground has any bearing, other than the possibility of a hearing under that 2005 revision to the law. Most judges punt to the jury and have the option to do so, so I’m not convinced that hearing is worth much.

  5. david7134 says:

    It is time to secede. We have completely lost any semblance of government.

  6. Phelps says:

    In any event, I don’t see them winning a criminal or civil trial. I just looked up Seminole County, and it’s 86% white, 9% black. With a jury pool drawing from those numbers, and the way the race pimps have tainted the issue, finding 12 jurors who will convict him on criminal charges will be damned near impossible. It’s OJ Simpson in reverse.

    As for a civil tort, again, it’s an uphill battle. I think that the state knows that they can’t mete out any other punishment, so their goal is to now hold him as long as they can without bail. It’s the only thing they can get.

  7. rumcrook says:

    Congratulations black America you have finally displaced the racist white power elite. And the local minions who unfairly lynched and murdered innocent blacks at will at the turn of the century through the 50’s

    With your own lynching and attacks on innocent people based on race.

    You have finnaly made it.

  8. Jim Krumrei says:

    I am so thankful there are level headed experienced legally qualified people who are thoroughly bringing out the facts in this case. I just hope their voices are heard over those who are overcharged emotionally and therefore not reasoning soundly.