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Huffington Rips Obama’s Bin Laden Grandstanding

Written By: Bob - Apr• 30•12

I have to admit that I didn’t see this coming, but apparently you can go too far in your campaign, and  even for a dedicated progressive like Arianna Huffington.

Arianna Huffington, founder and editor-in-chief of the The Huffington Post, called the Obama campaign’s decision to tout the assassination of Osama bin Laden in a campaign advertisement “despicable.” The ad questions whether presidential candidate Mitt Romney would have ordered the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

“I don’t think there should be an ad about that,” Huffington said Monday on “CBS This Morning.” “I think it’s one thing to celebrate the fact that they did such a great job (with television specials). All that is perfectly legitimate. But to turn it into a campaign ad is one of the most despicable things you can do.”

The ad doctored the Romney quote the same way (now fired) NBC staffers doctored part of a 911 call to portray neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman a racist after shooting a teenager named Trayvon Martin.

Obama always overplays his hand. It is the hallmark of his Presidency, and one of the defining characteristics of a man historians will inevitably revile.

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  1. Georg Felis says:

    And this will be by no means the lowest point of the Obama campaign….