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Learning Communism with the Girl Scouts

Written By: Bob - Apr• 02•12

I may have mentioned in passing that my oldest daughter is a Girl Scout. They just got done with the annual cookie sales campaign, and she outsold everyone in her troop by a long shot. She accounted for almost half her troop’s entire sales, and did it by going out nearly every afternoon after school and on the weekends.  Her troop was supposed to be working really had to earn money for a big outing they have planned later in the spring.

Through her own hard work, she earned enough to pay for the trip, including lodging, transportation, etc. The thing is, she doesn’t get to keep what she earned. The communists are going to make sure everyone gets their “fair” share, and so the lazy kids that didn’t have the initiative or work ethic to sell aggressively will benefit from her labor.

She was almost in tears when she was informed that all the hard work she put into sales was going to be redistributed to the kids that didn’t work as hard as she did. “That’s not fair!” she said. As a result of this little communist farce, two things are going to happen.

The first is that she and her mother are going to have to find another way to make money, one where she actually gets to keep the money she needs to pay for her trip.

The second is her decision to stop devoting so much time and effort to a serially unfair enterprise. She’s  already announced that she’s not going to put in the effort to next year’s cookie sales, so you can expect the troop’s overall sales output to plummet.

I’d like to thank the Girls Scouts for this life lesson. Only 12, my daughter has learned about the brutal unfairness of socialist economics, and now knows firsthand why hard-working people who want to keep the fruits of their own hard work abandon a system where those that do so little of the work end up reaping so many of the benefits they didn’t earn.

She’s a hardcore capitalist now, all thanks to the Girl Scouts. What am awesome, if serially unfair lesson.

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  1. Veeshir says:

    The other girls learned a lesson about communism too but I bet it’s different from the one your daughter learned.

    They didn’t have to work hard and they still got free stuff.
    That’s win-win.

  2. Tom J says:

    I think this is the TROOP policy, not the Girl Scout policy. My daughter was in a similar situation (she could sell ice to the Eskimos), and ended up netting most but not all of the amount above her share of the goal.

    I don’t know about where you live, but where I live there are 20 girl scout troops within easy driving distance. I suggest you find another one.

  3. Robert says:

    You need to email this post to your daughter’s (former) Girl Scout Troop leader.

  4. Bob aka "Melensdad" says:

    Bob, I feel for your daughter but its great that she learned this lesson at such an early date. BRAVO to her for learning the REAL lesson of communism.

  5. Jim says:

    My granddaughter at age 8, last year in her first year of scouting, also sold the most boxes in her troop. She is the type person who puts 100% in everything she does. This year, I asked how she was doing, she told me she quit. For her, it was the involvement with Planned Parenthood. She also puts 100% in her faith, and that she could not abide.

  6. louielouie says:

    so you can expect the troop’s overall sales output to plummet.

    she has not learned all there is to communism.
    there is another lesson.
    when sales do drop, it will be her fault, not the troop’s.

    • Windy Wilson says:

      I was going to say that next year when she puts in a comparable effort to her compatriots, the deficit will be what was called in the USSR in the 20’s and 30’s, “sabotage”, and “counter revolutionary” She’s lucky she can quit, otherwise it’s the public shaming and gulag, comrade.

  7. That sucks, but you are right. It’s a valuable life lesson.

  8. Georg Felis says:

    She has learned an important lesson that some have not learned despite a Harvard education and elevation to the highest elected office in the land. Treasure these moments.

  9. UnAmbiguousAmerican says:

    Your daughter’s reached the age of enlightenment! Well done, sir.