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Liberal legal experts indicate difficult path for Zimmerman prosecution

Written By: Bob - Apr• 13•12

Tom Mcguire over at Just One Minute has been providing first-rate coverage of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case that is superior in depth and breadth to what we’re seeing coming out of the “professional” media, and his latest post cites another pair respected left-leaning legal bloggers that seem to indicate that Angela Corey’s surprising decision to charge Zimmerman with 2nd degree murder is an uphill battle.

Actually, it’s probably closer to “doomed to fail,”  “entirely political in nature,” and in my opinion grounds to consider the very real possibility of a pretrial dismissal of the charges against Zimmerman, and the eventual censure or disbarment of Angela Corey for what seems to be a prosecution based more on her hopes for reelection than any realistic view that the evidence supports a conviction.

Sadly, I tried to have rational, fact-and-evidence based discussions on the trial earlier today, and the “lynch first, try later” mentality seems to be not just alive and well but predominate on the political left, and particularly in the black community where this has morphed from a matter of self-defense to one of symbolism and racial solidarity.

Zimmerman seems to have been thrown to the wolves by his fellow Democrats, and the Hispanic community seems oddly subdued as blacks have savaged him and attempted to make this a racial issue instead of a crime issue. Instead, it seems only white conservatives and libertarians are standing up for this “white Hispanic” Democrat, or for that matter, for the rule of law instead of a culture of lynching.

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  1. NevadaSteve says:

    “Instead, it seems only white conservatives and libertarians are standing up for this “white Hispanic” Democrat, or for that matter, for the rule of law instead of a culture of lynching.”

    And this surprises you?

    Liberals for all their posturing about how nuanced and reliant on facts for their decisions rarely do any actual thinking. Instead they prefer to spout the line handed down from on high. At most they seem to rely on a Tarzanesque logic: “Zimmerman bad, Trayvon good. Hurt Zimmerman, hurt Zimmerman friends. Ugh.”

  2. Sean says:

    Hell, I said from the beginning that if they charged Zimmerman it would be as a bow to ‘poltical” pressure, not any preponderance of evidence. IOW in an attempt to avoid THREATS of rioting if they DIDN’T charge Zimmerman the local or state government would charge Zimmerman, to keep those riots from happening. Sadly when either the Judge laughs the case out of his court room and tosses the lawyers out on their asses, or [if it gets that far] the jury “Not Guilty”s him…the riots are going to happen ANYWAY. The shitstorm over this is about to get really ugly…all you can do is prepare to survive it.

  3. Advo says:

    Yeah, I’ve been reading all the “lessons from Trayvong” variants. While they all warn black youths their life could be ended at any moment, none of them mention the inadvisability of assaulting someone. That doesn’t even get mentioned.

    This issue is bigger than the legal case in the court. If the grievance industry keeps going, Lord knows where it will end.

  4. Mt Top Patriot says:

    Its the catch 22/Waco rules of class and racial warfare. Obama and the rest of the hate/race merchants get a conviction, well all well and good far as they are concerned, if they do not get a conviction on Martin, well you know the civil unrest is justified and hello every excuse of crisis as a means to get things done you ordinarily could not do is handed to obama and his ilk on a gold platter.

    The whole thing is a careful calculated setup. Sharpton and Jackson must have waited their entire worthless hate filled lives for a moment like this.
    All of which would never be possible without a black supremest dictator in waiting installed in the white house.

    Best to look at your ammunition stockpile, and double it.

    Gonna be a long time, if ever, that these bigots and hatred filled psychopaths of the obama regime are stopped.

  5. Ken Rihanek says:

    Without the protests and political pressure he never would have been charged. They have no case for 2nd degree murder and they know it. It was done; to make the protesters calm down, protect Angela from political pressure, maybe even to help protect Zimmerman from a lynch mob.

  6. Ignatius J Donnelly says:

    Your comment makes sense, but does this tactic only postpone the inevitable? Is Corey confident that no matter if Gz is aquitted the Feds will file hate crime charges?