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MSM continues to shill for Obama Admin by lying about Mexican gun trace data

Written By: Bob - Apr• 27•12

Jordy Yager is just the latest in a long line of “journalists” that have enjoyed playing the lying-by-omission game in regards to Mexican gun trace data, parroting a version of the Obama Administration’s failed 90-percent lie.

Here’s Yager lying in the lede:

Nearly 70 percent of all guns found in Mexico came from the U.S. over the past four years, according to data released by the federal government on Thursday.

This kind of lie isn’t accidental or inconsequential. It is a purposeful deception designed to shape public opinion. How do we know the lie is intention in the headline and lede, and not just a “misunderstanding?” Because Yager shows that he’s know the actual facts in the very next sentence.

More than 68,000 of the 99,691 firearms that were recovered between 2007 and 2011, and submitted to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) for trace testing, were either made in the U.S. or legally brought into the U.S. at one point, according to the agency.

Yager knows all the relevant data. He knows that the data is only for guns submitted to the U.S. by Mexico, and that the guns submitted are only a fraction of the total, and only the fraction with U.S.  manufacturing or importation marks.


He also knows that this includes weapons walked in the Obama Administration’s gun-running plot know as Operation Fast and Furious, that it includes thousands of guns diverted from sales to the Mexican government, sales that occurred even though the Obama Administration drastically increased the number of guns sold to the  Mexican government even though as many as 1 in 4 guns was being diverted to cartels. And Yager knows that many of the guns are from foreign military sales to South America indecades past that have found their way to the black market.

None of that matters.

Yager, like other liberal reporters, has a clear and present anti-gun agenda best served by shilling for what one Congressman has called the most corrupt Administration in American political history.

He lies. To you. Just as often as he thinks he can getaway with it.

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