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Napolitano perjured herself in Fast and Furious, sets stage for RICO prosecution of Obama Administration

Written By: Bob - Apr• 13•12

It’s just one more log on the growing pyre, but damning of the Obama Administration and just one more bit of evidence suggesting that the special prosecutor eventually assigned to the case will want to look at a RICO prosecution of the entire criminal enterprise.

One source said to the author, “When she says that [she] and Attorney General Eric Holder have not discussed it, that is a lie. That’s why they keep asking her those questions in the Judicial, Oversight, Homeland Security Committee hearings. They’ve asked her that same questions twice and she’s lied twice.”

How did she know? The source said, “There are five emails linking her to Holder. They go back two days after it happened—the first email was two days after Brian was killed.”

In the emails, Holder and Napolitano discuss Terry’s murder, the source said to Pavlich.

The source concedes that Holder may have “kept her in the dark” about all of the details of the gun walking, but her office approved letting the guns walk into Mexico and one of the agencies under her command, Customs and Border Protection, allowed guns through.

Another source from the ATF confirmed to Pavlich that Napolitano was briefed regularly by an agent from another of her agencies, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE.

“There was an ICE agent assigned specifically to be the co-case agent of Fast & Furious. He had to [file] an ICE report that either mirrored or referenced every ATF report that was done,” the ATF source said.

It couldn’t happen to a more devious group of thugs, and it could decapitate the Democratic Party for years to come.

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  1. Sean says:

    And nothing will come of it. YEah I’m THAT cynical