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NY Post obtains bloody photo of George Zimmerman’s head taken minutes after shooting Trayvon Martin

Written By: Bob - Apr• 20•12

ABC News has obtained a photo taken of the back of George Zimmerman’s head taken by an eyewitness just three minutes after Trayvon Martin was shot, and two minutes after police arrived on the scene (warning: graphic)

The photo shows a considerable amount of blood flowing from two wounds and bruises already beginning to form on the back of Zimmerman’s head. This seems entirely consistent with the self defense claim made by Mr. Zimmerman, who says he was forced to shoot Martin in self defense because Martin was smashing his skull against the sidewalk.

Using a concrete sidewalk to bludgeon someone is assault with a deadly weapon. This would seem to be affirmative evidence of Zimmerman’s self defense claim, making Prosecutor Angela Corey’s already absurd 2nd degree murder charge utterly preposterous.

Shockingly, Corey knew of this photo, and decided to press a political prosecution anyway. This only reinforces my belief that the charge against Zimmerman should be thrown out by the trial judge, and that the Florida Bar Association should seek to disbar Angela Corey.

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  1. Robyn Snow says:

    I’d simply like to ask you a direct question. Scenario. You are bored and you see someone walking around your neighborhood who you believe might be up to no good. So, you decide after calling 911 to cover your tracks. You approach said, “someone” and this “someone” decides you are a threat because they don’t know you, you are not a cop, or a security guard. ( I mean you are in FL where men are raped at an alarming rate, and maybe the someone is thinking he’s about to be kidnapped) And the someone has every right to be on the property that the bored person has. A fight ensues, a head is banged on a concrete sidewalk because “someone” apparently isn’t someone who’s afraid to defend himself when approached by the bored one. Then bored one realizes he’s getting his ass whipped and pulls out a gun, shoots the someone, killing them. Please, who is the agressor? And one more thing. What if the someone was YOUR SON? Please try to answer this with zero bias. Because if my son notices someone stalking, following him, he better defend hmself especially when he is doing no wrong. If someone shot & killed him who attacked him, or he felt was about to try to cause him harm..He is not at fault..And let’s leave the names Trayvon & Zimmerman out of the scenario..Please