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Oh, what a Rush…

Written By: Bob - Apr• 18•12

I got an email at 12:12 this afternoon from a fellow blogger in the PJ Media omniverse:

Just turned on the radio to hear Limbaugh quoting “Bob Owens on PJ Media.”

Sure enough, a deluge of other emails followed. It seems Rush found my article at PJ Media about Angela Corey and the Zimmerman affidavit, and did a segment on it.

Now, this is interesting to me.  There’s a story here from a guy named Bob Owens at PJ Media, a blog.  “Angela Corey’s filing against George Zimmerman bears the hallmarks of a career-ender.”  This is yet another analysis of the charging document, the affidavit that she wrote and released that Dershowitz has commented on that said no judge is ever gonna let this see the life of day.  This is not gonna get past any judge.  Andy McCarthy, my buddy, who was at the US attorney’s office in Manhattan for all of those years charging and trying the blind sheik, he has weighed in.  My buddy Mark Levin, Landmark Legal Foundation, everybody, every legal beagle whose commented on this charging document says it is rank amateurish, it is embarrassingly insufficient, it’s purely political, and it reeks of incompetence.  And now we’ve got another guy weighing in, Bob Owens on this incredibly thin speculative Zimmerman affidavit.

Here’s a little bit of what he wrote.  “Last week, Florida prosecutor Angela Corey stunned many within the legal establishment when she announced her office was filing a second-degree murder charge against George Zimmerman. The four-page affidavit of probable cause filed by Corey’s office shocked legal experts, ranging from liberal Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz and liberal law blogger Jeralyn Merritt to conservative former prosecutor Andrew McCarthy and talk show host Mark Levin, among others.  The affidavit starts out typically, listing the names and qualifications of the two investigators used by the special prosecutor. It then begins to build a case against George Zimmerman.”

He goes through the affidavit and claims there are unsubstantiated assertions throughout the affidavit.  Here’s one of the early paragraphs.  “On Sunday 2/26/12, Trayvon Martin was temporarily living at the Retreat at Twin Lakes, a gated community in Sanford, Seminole County, Florida. That evening Martin walked to a nearby 7-11 Store where he purchased a can of iced tea and some Skittles. Martin then walked back to and entered the gated community and was on his way back to the townhouse where he was living when he was profiled by George Zimmerman. Martin was unarmed and was not committing a crime.”

Owens here points out, like a lot of other people have, “Not one paragraph into the ‘meat’ of the affidavit, Corey’s team already made two unsubstantiated claims.  First: there is no publicly known evidence that supports the contention that Zimmerman ‘profiled’ Trayvon Martin.  … The second unsubstantiated claim: They say Martin was not committing or preparing to commit a crime. Zimmerman became suspicious because he saw a figure who struck him as a person casing houses for burglary potential. Unbeknownst to Zimmerman at the time was the fact that Martin had been suspended from school for the possession of a ‘burglary tool.’ We don’t know what Martin was thinking, but his actions were erratic enough to prompt George Zimmerman to want police to investigate.

“That represents a lot of unsubstantiated speculation by a prosecutor trying to build an affidavit to support a second-degree murder charge, and that’s just from the first substantive paragraph.  The next troublesome claim is the lead sentence of the following paragraph:  Zimmerman, who also lived in the gated community and was driving his vehicle, observed Martin and assumed he was a criminal.  Perhaps it is hair-splitting, but there is no evidence to support Corey’s claim that Zimmerman assumed Martin was a criminal.”

Did it make my day? You bet it did.

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  1. NevadaSteve says:

    Congratulations! Sorry to hear about the expense though, all those new hats you’re going to have to buy! Just kidding. :^)

  2. Jane says:

    Heard the whole thing, and was thrilled for you!

  3. louielouie says:

    ok, i’m a little confused here. is it rush was thrilled to quote bob, or bob thrilled rush quoted him.
    i’m confused.

  4. Dear Bob:

    Cool indeed! Congrats!

  5. Sean says:

    It’ll be entertaining to see how many, if any, of the trolls that listen to Rush just to have something to scream about everyday, come over here.