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HA: reader submitted photo of the photo ABC wishes they could run of Zimmerman’s injuries

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BREAKING: Zimmerman Lawyer O’Mara deposing Investigator on 2nd degree murder affidavit

Happening now live on your cable channel of choice. Depending on how this goes, this case could be over before lunch. I hope everyone is adequately prepared. Updating as warranted… O’Mara is good. Has investigator is dancing around the loaded word “profiling” and the obvious implication of racial profiling that the evidence doesn’t support. O’Mara […]

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NY Post obtains bloody photo of George Zimmerman’s head taken minutes after shooting Trayvon Martin

ABC News has obtained a photo taken of the back of George Zimmerman’s head taken by an eyewitness just three minutes after Trayvon Martin was shot, and two minutes after police arrived on the scene (warning: graphic)

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New Cruz campaign ad rips Holder, Obama for Murdergate

Ted Cruz is a conservative running for a Senate seat in Texas, and he isn’t pulling any punches as he lays into Eric Holder and the rest of the Obama Administration for their mass murder plot known as Operation Fast and Furious.

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Oh, what a Rush…

I got an email at 12:12 this afternoon from a fellow blogger in the PJ Media omniverse: Just turned on the radio to hear Limbaugh quoting “Bob Owens on PJ Media.” Sure enough, a deluge of other emails followed. It seems Rush found my article at PJ Media about Angela Corey and the Zimmerman affidavit, […]

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