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Somehow missed this: 911 call shows Zimmerman was not persuing Martin when confrontation occurred.

Written By: Bob - Apr• 13•12

I’m not sure how such a significant detail could remain hidden unless media and prosecutorial bias were firmly in play, but if I were George Zimmerman’s defense attorney, I would think that Zimmerman’s initial 911 call all but obliterates Angela Corey’s already thin second degree murder affidavit.

“At 2:07, Zimmerman tells the dispatcher, “He’s running.”

At 2:09, you can hear a car door open and an alarm begins that is undoubtedly the “door open, keys in ignition” warning on Zimmerman’s truck.

At 2:13, you can clearly hear the car door slamming shut, and the alarm stops.

At 2:17, Zimmerman’s voice wobbles and he starts breathing heavily into the phone, indicating that he has started running.

At 2:22, without any prompting other than the aforementioned noises and breathing, the dispatcher asks “Are you following him?” to which Zimmerman responds, “Yeah.”

At 2:26, the dispatcher says, “Okay, we don’t need you to do that,” to which Zimmerman responds, “Okay.”

Zimmerman proceeds to give the dispatcher his name. Then he says, “He ran.”

Zimmerman can still be heard breathing into the phone until about 2:39, at which point the heavy breathing stops entirely, a mere 13 seconds after the dispatcher asked him to stop following. A very calm and collected Zimmerman then proceeds to give the dispatcher his own information, directions and a description of his location for another 1 minute and 33 seconds.”

George Zimmerman tried to follow Trayvon Martin, which was entirely legal (those who would argue otherwise need to bone up on Florida’s stalking law). After the dispatcher seems to grasp Zimmerman is most likely attempting to run after Martin, he says ““Okay, we don’t need you to do that.”

Zimmermans’ response? He says “Okay,” and seemingly terminates the pursuit.  He speaks to the dispatcher from his current stopped location for another 93 seconds.

A minute or so after that, Zimmerman tells the dispatcher, “Oh crap, I don’t want to give that all out. I don’t know where this kid is.”

Zimmerman’s own 911 call strongly suggests that he was not following Trayvon Martin.

If this does anything, it reinforces  Zimmerman’s side of the story that he had stopping attempting to follow Trayvon Martin, and it was Martin who turned the tables upon him, assaulted Zimmerman, and led to the circumstances of his own demise.

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  1. Sean says:

    Yep which is what most people with any brains and that have looked at the actual EVIDENCE like the calls, have said from the beginning.

  2. RobertNashville says:

    It is not the business of the private citizen to “follow” anyone and especially so when the citizen is armed. To that extent, I would submit that while “legal”, following Martin was a bad idea at best.

    However, once Zimmerman stopped following Martin, if Martin was then the aggressor and if Zimmerman was in legitimate fear for his life (and I can thin of more than one scenario where such a fear would be justified) then Zimmerman had every right to defend himself with deadly force.

    I predict that Zimmerman will be acquitted based on an overwhelming LACK of evidence to support the charge against him; unfortunately, his life is all but over either way.

    • Sean says:

      Bzzzt. Wrong. It’s called watching out for your neighbors and being a decent human being when you see something or someone suspicious. Sad when that’s become a BAD thing.;

  3. SDN says:

    Robert, any private citizen is free to walk on any sidewalk he wishes; when he’s sneaking through the bushes away from the public thoroughfare on PRIVATE property, not so much.

  4. SDN says:

    And the reason his life will be over is the attitudes of people like you, Al Sharpton, and the rest of the liberals.

  5. Ignatius J Donnelly says:

    7:11:48 to 7:13:40.
    This is how long GZ was talking to the dispatcher AFTER TM ran. GZ still had to walk up to the T in the sidewalks though. Did you notice how GZ is reluctant to say his address because “I don’t know where this kid is.”

    Brandi Green’s place seems to be right on the public street. Travon did not have to walk through the complex and go through the gate. he didn’t even have to walk out from the sidewalks. His place of residence was right on the street. I’ve also read that 7-11 security cameras show a kid fitting his description in the store somehere between 6:00 and 6:30. Tracy Martin says Travon was still home when Dad and the GF left at 6:30. Whoops!

    • Bob Roberts says:

      Zimmerman, according to previous accounts, went PAST the “T” to the next street where he could view the “back gate” and, apparently, it was there he stopped to talk to the dispatcher. Then, at some point, perhaps while still talking but more likely after hanging up, he proceeded back towards his vehicle. Exactly where Martin ran to is unclear but what we DO know is that he had PLENTY OF TIME to get home and safe yet instead chose to either lay in wait or to double back and essentially ambush Zimmerman. All the evidence suggests he chose to initiate a violent, life or death struggle and lost his as a result.

  6. BIll says:

    Could both people in this case have been “right” in what they did?
    There are 2 sides to every tragedy…
    Side 1:
    I live in a neighborhood where the residents had been the victims of several crimes over the last few months, ranging from vandalism to break-ins to various thefts, including one vehicle. We are all worried that these crimes will continue, since most of them had gone unsolved. So a few of us, as part of the neighborhood watch, patrol the area and keep an eye out for anyone that seems to be up to no good. I really hope that by doing this, we can prevent any more of our neighbors from becoming a victim.
    One rainy night, I am out doing my usual patrol in my car when I notice a person walking down the sidewalk. I don’t recognize him from this distance, so I keep driving to get a little better view of him.
    The person is looking around at the houses, and not quite walking in a straight line. This seems odd to me. And now that I am close enough to see that I don’t recognize him, I decide to call the police and report another person that might be up to no good. I know they are probably sick of my calls, but I’ve always thought that it’s better to be safe than sorry. Maybe someday we’ll get lucky and finally catch one of the punks that have been messing with us.
    I tell the person on the line what is going on and describe the person to them: what he’s wearing, what race I think he is, and what he’s doing, and his apparent age.
    The person coming my way starts looking at me when he suddenly stops, pulls something out of their pocket, pulls up his hood, and turns and starts jogging away from the car and then he dodges in between a couple of houses. It looks like he’s heading for the rear exit.
    I tell the person on the phone all of this and I express my frustration about how the assholes that have been committing the crimes always seem to get away. At this point, I decide that it needs to stop, so I better keep his eyes on the guy until the police finally show up. I mean what good is filing another report going to do for anyone here if this guy just gets away with yet another crime?
    So I get out of my car and head between the buildings so I can follow him. The person on the phone must have heard me get out of the car or something because he asks if I am following them. I tell him I am, and he tells me that he doesn’t need me to do that, and I tell him, “Okay.” But to hell with that, I’m going to keep my eyes on this guy until the police get here, so I keep heading over to where the guy ran.
    The guy on the phone asks me my name and I give it to him. He asks where I want the police to meet me and I tell him that by the mailboxes is fine, But then I change that and tell him to just have the officer call me once they get here and I’ll tell them where I’m at. That way, I can try to keep following this guy until they show and we might finally get one of these punks.
    I finally get around to the back corner of the building and look around, but the guy’s nowhere to be seen. “He ran,” I tell the guy on the phone. Then I turn around and head back to my car.
    After I get back to my car, the guy on the phone asks for my address and phone number, so I give it to him. But I have second thoughts and say “Oh crap, I don’t want to give that all out.”
    Then I tell the guy, “I don’t know where this kid is, before getting off the phone. I decide that I could drive around and see if I can catch sight of him while I wait for the police officer to show up, so I turn the car around and head toward the back gate, since it looked like he was probably heading that way.
    As I get to the end of the street, I think I catch sight of him between a couple of houses, so I get out of the car and head over there. When I get to the right place, I don’t see anything. So I head back to my car.
    When I get close to the car, I hear something behind me and as I turn around I hear someone say, “What are you following me for?” It’s the guy I was looking for, and he’s coming towards me. He must have come around the other side of the building.
    Kind of shocked at having this guy come at me, I respond with “What are you doing here?”
    He says something I don’t quite catch, and the next thing I know, he hits me in the face, probably busting my nose.
    All I see are stars as I stagger backwards.
    Next thing I know, he’s tackling me to the ground. My head hits the sidewalk as I go down at the edge of the grass. More stars.
    He continues to mumble something under his breath as he lands on top of me.
    He grabs my head and smacks it against the ground again. And again. Stars fill my vision for a third and a fourth time.
    Now I am scared. If he keeps doing this, he’s going to kill me. I start screaming for help, but I have no idea if anyone is around.
    Then I remember my gun.
    If I could just get to it, maybe he’d stop.
    I reach for it and as I pull it out, he does notice. But instead of stopping, he grabs for it too.
    If he gets it, I KNOW that I’m dead.
    I pull the trigger.
    Time seems to stop as this guy just looks down at me. He looks… surprised?
    “You got me,” he says right before he falls to the side.
    I sit up. I look down at the gun in my hand, but my body has gone numb. I don’t even feel the weight of it.
    I hear people coming now and I look up. A guy shows up and starts asking me what happened. All I can say is “Call the police.”
    Side 2:
    I’m watching college basketball with my dad and little brother while I’m visiting them at my dad’s girlfriend’s house. I got suspended from school and mom sent me up here so he could deal with it. Why the heck did I get suspended? That doesn’t matter. I’m a good kid.
    During one of the games, my little brother says he wants some candy. We’ve been watching for a while so I tell him I’ll run down to the 7-11 after this game.
    So during the break, I walk about a mile to the nearest 7-11 and grab my brother a bag of Skittles. I grab an iced tea for myself. It’s sprinkling, but a little rain never hurt anyone.
    On my way home, I’m just taking it easy and checking out the sights. I’m looking at the houses as I walk by. And I’m really not caring much about walking in a perfectly straight line.
    There’s a car coming down the street and I don’t really give it any attention. I just keep walking along, checking out the sights. I only barely notice that the car has stopped.
    As I walk along, I pull out my phone and call this girl I know back home in Miami.
    As I get closer, I notice that the guy inside is watching me and is talking on his cell phone. This seems kind of odd to me, so I tell my friend what’s going on. She tells me that the guy sounds creepy and she thinks I should get out of here. That’s probably a good idea. There are some odd people out there.
    I decide that since he’s in between me and the house that I should just cut down between a few of the houses and over to the next street. It’s easy enough to get home that way. Heck, it’s only about 2 blocks away either way.
    I pull up my hood and jog over between the houses I’m closest to, but I hear a car door shut. I look back and that guy is walking towards where I am. What the heck is this creep doing? I decide to hide and duck behind a shed.
    I see the guy come around the corner and look around, but he doesn’t seem to see me. He’s still talking on the phone and I hear him say, “He ran” to the person he’s talking to before he turns around and heads back the other way.
    Why the heck is this guy trying to find ME? I tell my friend what’s going on and she tells me to run. I tell her I am not going to run. “I’ll just walk fast,” I tell her.
    I hear the car drive away, so I head for home. But with this guy out there looking for me, I’m not taking the sidewalks. I go from house to house, checking to make sure that guy is nowhere to be seen before go I across anywhere.
    This works for about a block, but as I get to the last street, I realize I have to cross it to get home.
    So I listen. Nothing. I run across the street
    As luck would have it, a car comes around the corner just as I get to the far side. I run harder and duck behind the house I just got to.
    I really hope that wasn’t him. And if it was, I REALLY hope he didn’t see me.
    I peek around the corner. It is that creep.
    The car pulls up and stops on the far side of the street. The door open and closes.
    I run around to the far side of the house and peek around again. I’m just in time to see the guy walk to where I had just been. He’s looking all over.
    It’s time to end this stupid little cat and mouse game. Why am I hiding from this guy?
    He comes back out and heads back to his car. Now I really want to know why he’s been following me. What did I ever do to him?
    He turns around as I get close.
    “What are you following me for?” I ask.
    He looks surprised and responds with “What are you doing here?”
    What? He’s asking ME what I’m doing here?
    I don’t know why, but that little thing really ticks me off.
    I drop the phone that I almost forgot about right before my fist connects with his nose.
    He staggers back and I tackle his arrogant ass.
    We hit the ground together, me on top of him.
    He looks up at me with a blank look as I ask him again why he was following me.
    I grab his chin and smack his head against the ground as ask him again.
    Then he starts screaming for help. Really? This guy was following me and HE wants help? I smack his head against the ground again.
    I feel him shift under me. I look and see something shiny in his hand and realize that this guy is pulling out a gun.
    Holy crap! If he gets that out, he’s going to shoot me!
    I grab for it and see a flash.
    My ears ring from the report of the gun going off. I look down and see the smoking end of the barrel aimed at my chest. I look at my chest, and I can barely see the hole. If it wasn’t for the blackened area around it and the dark spot slowly spreading, I probably wouldn’t have even seen it.
    I’ve always kind of wondered what it feels like when you get shot. I never imagined it would feel like this.
    I look back at the guy with the gun. He looks about as shocked as I feel. I wonder why that is?
    “You got me,” I say, right before everything goes black.