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The real George Zimmerman?

Written By: Bob - Apr• 26•12

Chris Francescani has turned public perceptions of 2nd degree murder suspect George Zimmerman upside down overnight with a new article simply titleĀ  George Zimmerman: Prelude to a shooting.

The story builds a far more complex picture of Trayvon Martin’s killer, one radically different from the caricature created by the media in the days after a PR campaign orchestrated by Martin family attorney’s turned a local crime story into a national referendum on race.

Just a few of the new details emerging:

  • Zimmerman bought his 9mm pistol at the suggestion of Seminole County Animal Services after he and his mother had been menaced by an unrestrained pit bull,and the animal control officer told him pepper spray would be insufficient to ward off an attack.
  • “White Hispanic” Zimmerman is even more mixed race than previously know, with an Afro-Peruvian great-grandfather.
  • Zimmerman grew up in a multiracial household, including two black children that ate meals with the family.
  • Zimmerman was an alter boy for ten years.
  • His first business was an insurance company, that he opened with a black partner.
  • A black neighbor states that the entire neighborhood was aware who was responsible for the recent crime wave in the community. “There were black boys robbing houses in this neighborhood.”
  • He was chosen by his neighborhood to lead the new neighborhood watch program because he was so outgoing and protective of his neighbors.
  • Zimmerman wanted to pursue a future in law enforcement and was working on the final class to receive his criminal justice degree at the time of the shooting.

There is a lot more in the story, all of which shows that George Zimmerman is precisely the kind of neighbor you would want to have living nearby, who goes out of his way to help others, and who has spent a good deal of his life helping the less fortunate.

The “real” George Zimmerman that has been slowly emerging in recent weeks appears to be a good and decent man, which makes the tragedy of the Democratic media-driven racial narrative all the more evil in it’s exposure.

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  1. Chris says:

    Mr. Owens,

    I read the article you mention before coming to your page. What does it mean to those who believe Travon Martin was murdered?


    I was recently enlightened to my East Coast Ivy League collge educated wife as to the true case we must face.

    “I don’t care about the facts, this is what I believe and you aren’t going to change my mind!”

    She is nominally agnostic with heavy sympathy for atheists. She was, however, able to tell me an article of faith for her.

    “Most gun owners and concealed carry holders in this country are just wannbe heroes who WANT to run into someone so they can shoot them! I don’t care if there are facts that say otherwise. That’s what I believe and you aren’t going to change my mind!”

    This from the woman who bypasses her own employer’s rules on her not carrying by taking me along when she feels the work might be in unsavory places.

    No one said a gun-hater had to be consistent in hating guns.

    This was her statement back when the first media reports of the Zimmerman-Martin case came out. Back when even you were fooled by the highly selective telling of the story into thinking that Zimmerman had continued to pursue after being told not to. I felt the same as you, at the time.

    We both know that the true facts were withheld by the press intentionally from the start. Gee, color me surprised.

    My point here is that those who oppose us have as an article of faith that guns are evil and/or gun owners are evil.

    We are never going to win them over because they are as fanatic in their religion as any other extremist. We are forced to live with them.

    The biggest difference is that we are willing to live and let live with them. None of us want to force them to won a gun. They will continue to try and enforce their religion upon the rest of us so long as they live.

  2. UnAmbiguousAmerican says:

    I often made a similar argument with my group of ultra-liberal hipsters. I have no problem with you not wanting to own a gun, but don’t you dare try to tell me I can’t.

    It is your life to give away as you see fit, not mine.