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Where do they get those wonderful toys?

Written By: Bob - Apr• 23•12

I attended my second Appleseed in Ramsuer this past weekend, enjoying a beautiful Saturday and enduring one of the coldest and wettest late April days in years on Sunday. I’ll write an after action report later, but wanted to pass along some comments about the hardware we saw on display.

One of our shooters is an active-duty Marine Captain, who has a thing for precision rifles. He shot  semi-auto .22 LRs Saturday, but spent most of Sunday at the 500-yard known distance range. I walked up to check things out, and he had the sexiest battle rifles I’ve ever seen, a M25 with a JAE-100 G3 stock.

Click to enlarge.

The picture (via Photobucket) may not show the exact version of the stock I saw, but it isn’t off by much. He also had a LWRC R.E.P.R. (pronounced “Reaper”) with a 16″ barrel and mounted with an EoTech for serious short range authority.

Another guy brought a 9MM semi-auto mini-Uzi like this one, which one of the instructors “walked” onto a large rock in the berm 150 yards away in just a few shots, which is no mean feat on something with a pistol’s sight radius.

My personal favorite? Other than the spendy M-25, I really admired the CZ .22LR one shooter was using on the 25-yard line, which might have been the CZ 452. Of course, there were tons of very nice Ruger 10/22s and Marlin 795s and Model 60s in Liberty Training Rifle trim as well, and some beautiful Garands and AR-15s in every shape, size, and configuration.

I’ll write more about the actual event later, but man, do our shooters bring some nice rifles.

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