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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

You say you want a revolution…

Written By: Bob - Apr• 25•12

I’m having one of “those days” where I have very little faith in the intelligence and morality of my fellow human beings.

I’m tired of government bureaucrats asserting powers not given to them by the Constitution. I’m angry at people sitting around doing nothing when the purist moral evil stares at them in the face and laughs daringly when they refuse to act. And I’m steamed at folks like the idiot cited above that are being swayed by the Obama Administration’s apparent attempts to gin up racial strife. As insane as it is, there are some people that seem to want to riot and destroy communities around them, and ignorant twits like this that seem to find the idea amusing.

I don’t think they quite grasp what they’re advocating.

  1. They are a minority, vastly outnumbered. There are far fewer of “them” (riot-embracers) than there are “us” (everyone else).
  2. They are advocating attacking the community that employs, feeds, clothes, and shelters them.
  3. They are literally out-gunned. Suburban Americans have purchased millions of firearms as a result of this Administration’s fascist tendencies, and spent millions more in training.

Riots today are likely to be very bloody affairs… for the rioters. Communities have the ability to resist violence with overwhelming violence if required.

I hope they reconsider their plotting. It will not end well for anyone.

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  1. Al Reasin says:

    I know how you feel. That is why I’m a local leader in the TEA Party. People forget/don’t know that every law and executive order is de facto constitutional/legal and can be enforced by force of law. So to oppose unconstitutional acts are very risky; especially if violence results. The good Germans abided by that logic.

    The bipartisan NDAA of 2012 provision that allows indeterminate detention by the military of American citizens without charges is an example and there is no great push to have it rescinded. We learned nothing apparently by the unconstitutional internment of Japanese-American citizens in 1942. My sign on my corner last week asked, “why not” rescinded as did my letters to congress. Ah, but we have a signing statement by this President that he will not use the law. Since TEA Partiers have been called domestic terrorists by high ranking public officials, I feel so-o-o-o much better.

  2. shreck says:

    Let ’em riot, I live in the country amongst the rural blacks, whites and Hispanics. Where the food is.

    • Chris says:

      The people saying they are going to riot aren’t in your area. People who grow food aren’t interested in rioting to steal things. It doesn’t matter what color skin they have. They know that hard work is all they have to trade for money, and sometimes not even then. They would never riot because hurting others for personal profit or “angst” is not their way.

      The people calling for riots are living on the government teat. Baby mommas. unwed fathers who abandon their children, welfare riders and others who wouldn’t have their next meal without a federal program to put it in their face.

      How about a rule that anyone caught at a riot, guilty or not, is forever forbidden from receiving any form of handout? No disabilty. No unemployment. No food stamps. No welfare. No student loans. No Section 8 housing.

      You want to keep riding the gravy train? Shut up, sit down and stay home. You riot, you got to pay your own way in life, forever. No appeal. There is no amendment granting you a right to pick my pocket.

      Who wants to go bust windows now?

  3. Orion says:

    I’m to the stage where I just want them to riot so we can get it over with. Let’s get back to being a representative Constitutional Republic again. Purge these parasites from the body politic and get back to work.

    Sure, the Dems will lose 95% of their constituency, but I can live with that.


  4. SDN says:

    Bob, chlorinating the gene pool to remove thugs is always a good idea.