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Zimmerman gets out on bail due (in part) to pathetically weak case against him; the ignorant and violent call for his murder

Written By: Bob - Apr• 23•12

You know, if I had a son, he’d be bailed out just like George Zimmerman.

George Zimmerman was released around midnight Sunday from a Florida county jail on $150,000 bail as he awaits his second-degree murder trial for fatally shooting Trayvon Martin.

The neighborhood watch volunteer was wearing a brown jacket and blue jeans and carrying a paper bag. He walked out following another man and didn’t look over at photographers gathered outside. He then followed the man into a white BMW vehicle and drove away.

Moments before, two Seminole County sheriff’s vehicles blocked access to the intake building parking lot where Zimmerman was being released. Zimmerman emerged after two public information officers confirmed the credentials of the photographers outside.

Zimmerman made bail on an absurd charge of second degree murder that may eventually see prosecutor Angela Nifong Corey on trial, especially in light of the possibility that she did not disclose the photographic evidence of Zimmerman’s  head wounds during the affidavit. There was no reason not to grant bail, and it was moderately surprising the judge did not toss the case out at the bond hearing when the prosecutor’s investigator admitted on the stand under oath that he did not have any evidence to disprove Zimmerman’s self defense claim.
Nonetheless, the media,/racial grievance industry/Democratic politicians have done such a wonderful job of poisoning the well that injustice is assured, and the mob reacted accordingly.

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  1. darius says:

    he shot an unarmed kid in the back, are you serious, this has nothing to do with politics or race, that all came into play when our judicial system did follow up properly. Bored ass republicans are destroying this country day by day with your closed minds and views. Just look at this pathetic campaign your putting up against Obama, its a joke!

    • Bob says:

      Darius, I’m sorry you seem to be part of the ignorant crowd to which I was referring. Martin was shot in the chest, idiot. This is heavily documented and common knowledge. As for “closed minds and views” I have to look no further than Trayvon Martin’s supporters, who have decided that the shooting was “murder” and who will not change their small minds, no matter the amount of evidence emerging that shows this was more than likely a textbook self defense shooting that took place after a young thug attempted to smash a guy’s skull into past for simply and legally following him.

      As for Obama… you know he is responsible for mass murder, put the black male unemployment rate through the roof, and ate dogs… right?

    • Rob Crawford says:

      In the back, eh? Who told you that?

      • Clay says:

        Al Sharpton, no doubt.

      • Bob aka "Melensdad" says:

        First off it doesn’t matter if the kid was ‘unarmed’ or not, the law is very clear that you can defend your life against attackers (armed or unarmed).

        Secondly, Martin was NOT shot in the back.

        Third, is appears that Martin actually confronted Zimmerman, and at least according to testimony, Martin actually attacked Zimmerman.

        Fourth, since Zimmerman STOPPED his pursuit when he was told to stop by the 911 operator, its also clear (based on the time stamps) that Martin had a full minute and a half to get away AND to stay away from Zimmerman. Apparently Martin decided to COME BACK and actually confront Zimmerman and that led to the events that Martin precipitated which led to his own demise.

        But hey, I’m not listening to Sharpton and instead am actually looking at the actual 911 call transcripts with the time stamps, I actually listened to the 911 call, I did nothing more than a basic amount of research and its shocking that the media has not done these simple things too.

    • J says:

      You sound pretty upset darius. Maybe you’d feel better if you lit a candle?

      • styrgwillidar says:

        Well, to be fair, we have no evidence as to the final meeting between the two. It would have been perfectly legal for Martin to go back and ask Zimmerman why he was following him and what he was doing on the phone when he did it. Perhaps a kid already in trouble having been expelled from school might have started thinking he might need to smooth things out with a neighbor he may be running into occasionally- vice having police showing up. Souring things even more with his folks. I don’t know if Martin or Zimmerman turned things physical. Again, if my kid got attacked and managed to get the upperhand immediately it’s not his fault, in fact he’d be extremely not to take advantage what might be a very fleeting opportunity to survive. Even if he’s on top of Zimmerman knocking his head against the pavement, he can’t read minds. How was he supposed to know what Zimmerman was going to do if he stopped?

        Nobody knows what happened in that final meeting. We only know that the majority of Zimmerman’s story holds up to the available evidence.

  2. VET1ID says:

    Nice troll you got there Bob.
    What a moron.