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American Intifada: 14 attacks on 15 whites as a result of cries of “Justice for Trayvon”

Written By: Bob - May• 02•12

I’ve been monitoring relevant Twitter hashtags for weeks, and as a result am well aware of the self-serving outrage being manufactured to justify irrational hatred and violence.

A long-time observer of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I’m seeing shameful, unwarranted, and purposeful Balkinization of America as African-American politicians and race hustlers attempt to cash in on the death of Trayvon Martin, using the late February shooting to reignite deep-seated anger against whites.

The fact that Zimmerman is of mixed White, Hispanic, and Black descent, and that he self-identifies as Hispanic,  is as irrelevant to those who are fomenting violence, as it is to those carrying out the attacks.

We live in a country were guns sales and the number of people carrying concealed weapons is on the rise. How long until one of these groups of thugs attacks someone who has a means to defend themselves, and uses a gun to stop a brutal beating?

Can we expect the same people who ginned up the hysteria to suddenly seek reason? Or can we expect the next batch of shot-up thugs to be the new Trayvon Martin?

There are angry blacks on social media sites clamoring for an excuse to riot or take part in a race war. Fortunately these don’t seem to be representative feelings, for such a conflict would be one we would all assuredly lose.

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  1. Clay says:

    “Fortunately these don’t seem to be representative feelings, for such a conflict would be one we would all assuredly lose.”

    Some, more than others.

    • redc1c4 says:

      you saved me the trouble of posting that point.

      someone needs to tell these fools to be careful what they ask for, as they might just get it.

      the rattlesnake on the flag flying from my house is a hint and a half for them…

  2. Sean says:

    Sigh…mental midgets, products of the American Education system

  3. SWLiP says:

    The McClatchy-owned Miami Herald has, predictably, been one of the leading hysteria-mongers in the Trayvon case. Their columnist, Leonard Pitts, recently penned an article in which he all but promises a race war if Zimmerman is acquitted:

    Simply appalling.

  4. emdfl says:

    I wonder if Pitts and others of his ilk will ever start considering the numbers game; and what the Korean shop owners did in LA…
    Probably not until it’s too late, and then they’ll lament about all those eeeevil racists as their neighborhoods burn.