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Boberg XR9-S Onyx, Springfield XD 9 subcompact

Written By: Bob - May• 23•12

This will probably be my last Boberg pic or comment until the Shooting Illustrated article posts. The XD 9 subcompact is my primary summer carry gun because of its small small size, but the Boberg has the advantage of being much thinner, making it a true “pocket nine.”

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  1. Chaz says:

    Your XD-9 comments got me curious so I surfed a bit and found a few other pistols with similar specs, L/W/H/wt:

    XD-9 6.25″ / 1.0″ / 4.75″ / 26oz
    M&P Shield 6.1″ / .95″ / 4.6″ / 19oz
    PPS 6.7″ / .91″ / 4.4″ / 19.4oz