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Bronco takedown rifle

Written By: Bob - May• 14•12

I went pick up my 300 BLK barrel from Templar Custom this afternoon, and while there Bob Reynolds showed me a cool single-shot all-metal .22 Magnum takedown he’d picked up. He’d not seen anything like it before, and I hadn’t either.

Ain't it cool?

I found the picture above in an old auction. Piecing together comments from various forums, is called a Bronco and originally came from a company either called FI or FIE that some seemed to think was a CIA front company. When FI/FIE went under, the Garcia version (Garcia the fishing gear company?) came out in 1971 or there about for $15.95. It was designed as a competitor of the AR-7 survival rifle. The metal described as an ordnance steel barrel with either a zinc pot metal or aluminum frame.  The balance was good, and the single shot trigger quite serviceable.

Garcia Bronco survival rifle

It seems to be a clever design, and seems to be something of a niche collector’s item.  If someone made a modern version of these today for $100-$150 or so, I think I’d be tempted to buy one.

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  1. Big Country says:

    The FIE Bronco was a late sixties forrunner of the aircraft survival rifle. It was followed by two variants, the AR 7 .22LR semi-auto, which tore down into 3 pieces, buttstock (airtight, floatable) reciever/action and barrel. The other close relation to it was the M-6 Springfield .22/.410 over under. The M-6 broke down much like the bronco, but with a simpler pivot pin, and had the capacity to stow 15 rounds of .22 and 4 rounds of .410 in a buttstock ammo carrier (the cheekpiece lifted on a hinge, exposing the ammo). These were to be fielded on the ejection seats of fighter aircraft as a ‘food gatherer’ in emergency behind the lines shootdown situations. The M-6 and AR 7 still enjoy a following, withthe AR 7 still available. The Springfield M-6 came in a multitude of .22 variants (long rifle, magnum, hornet, and H&R) and some of the original Ordinance marked USAF sell for upwards of $15K. Springfield farmed out the manufacture of the 6 to the Czeck republic, and isn’t worth as much, but because of the relative low production numbers, they’re still valuable, gathering as much as a grand for on in primo shape at gun shows. And yeah, I’ve owned one, an original since 1996 when I had it as my ‘secret ruck gun’ for “oh snap!!!” field situations….

  2. Jay King says:

    The Bronco was also made in .22RF, .410 and .22RF/.410 over under. The most recent ones I’ve seen sold for north of $200.

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  4. Beaumont says:

    As a kid and budding gun nut in the first half of the 70s, I was fascinated by these little guns. The Penney’s near my dad’s office always seemed to have these in stock (& also the place I first saw reloading gear).

    I would likely pay two bills for a .22/.410 in good condition. It’s just one of those things I’ve always wanted.