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Did Obama fake being Kenyan to get into college?

Written By: Bob - May• 18•12

You know how that sometimes something seems off, but you can’t put your finger on precisely what? That’s the feeling I’ve long had with birtherism. It is almost impossible for Obama to have been born somewhere outside of the country, and yet it seems he’s still doggedly determined to hide as much of his past as possible.

Bookworm has a more plausible theory that is worth investigating. He didn’t fake being an American to become President. He faked being a foreigner to become somebody.

Did Obama committed fraud on his college applications to use nationality preferences to get into colleges that he would not have gotten into based upon his academic merit? It’s a damning possibility, and one that correlates the thoughts of those that feel corruption is at the heart of his every move.

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  1. Robb Allen says:

    That makes sense and is plausible.

    And it doesn’t require tin foil beanies.

    • Beatrice says:

      Well, it appears that you believe that it is OK if “we the people” (taxpayers) should pay for the blatant lies of these teat-sucking liars!??????

  2. louielouie says:

    let’s ask elizabeth warren what she thinks?

  3. KWS says:

    Why is it impossible for Obama to have been born outside of the U.S.? Would you answer that question?

  4. D Shea says:

    What about the troublesome CT SSN and questionable Selective Service registration? If he was claiming to be a Kenyan then the later “need” for a SSN and doctored Selective Service record!!??

  5. twolaneflash says:

    Calling Barry Soetoro the Affirmative Action President should insult all those true affirmative action place holders who extorted privilege via white guilt over a slave system ended almost 150 years ago and Jim Crow that ended almost 50 years ago. You have to hand it to the fraud: he suckered 53% of the American electorate with his “I’m so suave and mysterious” routine. The Marxist machine that spent years building the image of this Manchurian candidate will go down in history for showing Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao how it’s done: without destroying the bling, riling the citizens, or missing a gourmet meal or round of golf.

  6. NevadaSteve says:

    I don’t care where he was born, raised or lived. I care about his policies that are killing jobs, ruining the housing industry and wasting tax money on technology that isn’t ready for prime time.

    Let’s get rid of the S.O.B. and argue about the trivial crap later.

  7. Yankee Bruce says:

    Whether President Obama was born in America or not is moot now. The point is that he will claim anything to get what he wants at the moment. He needs to be voted out and retired in an election more embarrassing than Jimmy Carter’s.

    BTW, that website is Bookworm Room, not Bookwork.

    • Beatrice says:

      It is definitely NOT MUTE!!!! This man, from day one, was set-up as the “Manchurian”. I wrote waaaaaay back! The Chicago thugs decided to put up “his-nibs” simply because he has a “mellifluous” speaking voice??

      BO’s ability to “READ” is quite amazing, since he absolutely has zero ability to articulate (ONE ON ONE) contemporaneously on any subject: he apparently is a dunce and or totally insecure as to American policy. He (BO) needs “Mr. Teleprompter” or he is pathetically lost. He has refused to permit any/all of his transcripts, past everything/anything to be publically scrutinized. Why????

      Folks, a man who is afraid to permit scrutiny as to his past, is a man who definity HAS SOMETHING detrimental TO HIDE!!!

      Soooooo, I quess I am a new “BIRTHER”. HooRah!!!

  8. Indigo Red says:

    The stepfather, Soetoro, adopted little Barry which required the loss of US citizenship because Indonesia doesn’t allow dual citizenship. Having Indonesian citizenship also explains how Obama was able to travel to Pakistan while attending college in California at a time when US passport holders weren’t allowed into Pakistan.

    My personal feeling is that BHO was born in Hawai’i with the birth registered later which was common in the new state. When his citizenship was changed, he was to young to have made an informed decision and the renunciation should be voided in favor of natural born citizen status. We can still vote the bum out for not truly being American at heart.

  9. Ignatius J Donnelly says:

    He faked Kenyan birth because it sounds more exotic than Honalulu birth. He wanted to sell books