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Even more Occupy violence: Occupier on roof throws bricks into crowd below

Written By: Bob - May• 03•12

Local news media happened to be present when a Bay Area Occupier on a building roof decided to start throwing bricks into the crowd below, presumably attempting to hit police officers.

He missed with the first one. The second time, someone in the crowd below wasn’t so lucky.

You can hear someone (another Occupier?) yell that the victim was hit in the face.

This was assault with a deadly weapon. Listen to how the news anchor tries to separate the Occupier from the rest of the movement by isolating him as fringe anarchist. Just like the “Cleveland Five” bridge bomb plotters, I’m sure.

The Tatler has more video from other angles, including what may be video of a second Occupy protestor throwing metal bars and concrete chunks from atop a nearby building.

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  1. Critch says:

    Resorting to violence? Shoot his butt.

  2. Phelps says:

    I’m very wary of how often and quickly the police escalate to less than lethal weapons, but that is one situation where rubber bullets and beanbag rounds are easily justifiable.

  3. Orion says:

    You have to remember, by definition, Occupy protesters are peaceful, intelligent, clean, well-meaning citizens. Therefore, anyone NOT meeting this standard is clearly not an Occupy protester!


    PS: I love how, according to the ‘Caster none of the Occupy folks rendered assistance to the injured. Stay classy Occupy!

  4. Critch says:

    He is throwing bricks, those are deadly weapons. If someone attackes my family or myself with a brick; I will try my best to shoot them, period. Attack a cop with a brick and see what happens to you. These Occupiers are nothing but spoiled anarchists without a clue.

  5. During the years of the Vietnam War protests, the leftists used to seed rooftops with bricks and half-length reinforcing bars. They didn’t need to leave any instructions. During a confrontation with the cops, someone on the rooftop would “spontaneously” start throwing the missiles. Evidently the trick hasn’t been forgotten by the Occupiers.

  6. MikeM_inMD says:

    At least two acts of assault with a deadly weapon – so why didn’t a single SFPD officer ventilate this thug?