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Ex “The View” co-host entertains Zimmerman case conspiracy theories

Written By: Bob - May• 19•12

Star Jones, former co-host of The View and other less-successful television shows, has taken to Twitter to entertain conspiracy theories that community watch volunteer George Zimmerman may have faked injuries sustained in a fight with Trayvon Martin to support his claim of self defense.

Jones made her name in the infotainment industry as a legal analyst on a number of television shows and in two high-profile legal cases, that of William Kennedy Smith and O.J. Simpson.

Considering her legal background, one would have expected Jones to be more careful with idle speculation suggesting Zimmerman manufactured his injuries after the attack, especially since such speculation isn’t remotely supported by evidence. Zimmerman shot and killed Martin after what an eyewitness called an “MMA-style” beat-down. Sanford Police investigators noted that Zimmerman cried for help 14 times in 38 seconds before firing the single shot, striking Martin in the heart from near contact distance.

Information released by Prosecutor Angela Corey’s office includes reports from police officers observations of Zimmerman at the scene, during transport, and at the Sanford Police Department, reports from EMTs that examined Zimmerman at the scene, a photo taken of the back of Zimmerman’s head less than three minutes after the attack, a police officer’s iPhone photo of blood on Zimmerman’s face while at the scene, in addition to photos taken at the Sanford Police Department.

All of these reports and photographs are consistent with the injuries officially reported by George Zimmerman’s doctor.

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  1. NevadaSteve says:

    The View has spawned a whole generation of people who can’t think straight. Rosie O’Donuts announced that fire can’t melt steel, Baba wawa announced she had affairs (who could get an erection looking at her anyway), and the list goes on. They are a bunch of self-absorbed idiots for the most part and it isn’t surprising that Star Jones spouts utter nonsense, she’s got the same malady all the liberals on the View have, they traded brains for fame.

  2. Sean says:

    you should have seen her flip her lid on the Today show yesterday morning. They started off talking about how Zuckerman showed up for the inaugral day of his company going public on the stock marking in jeans and a hoodie. and Star Jones immediately skewed into a rant on being judged by what you wear and being killed for it. Her fellow panel members Donnie something or other and some Dr lady named Snyderman immediately told her…your being irrational. She kept on acting the hysterical fool and Donnie took her hand and basically said to her that ‘you know I adore you but you’ve really jumped the shark here’. And he and snyderman were right, she WAS being irrational and jumping the shark. She like everyone else from the View’s past and the current line up[except for Elizabeth Hasselbeck] are hall hysterical fools

  3. rumcrook says:

    unfortunately the hysterical fools seem more and more to be in charge of this world….

  4. brando says:

    I remember on The View, Goldberg asked McCain, in all seriousness, if she was going to be a slave, again.