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Gingrich to suspend campaign today

Written By: Bob - May• 02•12

It’s something Newt should have done at the same time Santorum bailed out, and if I were a donor to his campaign I’d be a bit irritated at how he wasted money in what appears to be an ego-driven refusal to fold his tent until a point where it was utterly absurd to continue.

He was entertaining to watch as a debater, but Gingrich always has character issues, and his shtick of running as a reformer after living off his connections inside the Beltway for decades was an insult to the intelligence of American voters.

One can hope that his 2012 bid was his final hurrah in American politics, but I don’t think we’ll be that lucky.

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  1. Mussorgsky112 says:

    Maybe he did it for the same reason he left one of his wives: because he loves his country so much. No, wait, that can’t be right, this is Gingrivitis we’re talking about. I guess the “I’m really broke and people aren’t quite as stupid as I thought” notion finally caught up to him, or at least the financial aspect of it. Seriously, though, for all the “Not Romney” people out there, you’d think that more of them would have already figured out that Newt is slimier than a newt and can’t/won’t change. Want real change in this country? Respect freedoms and liberties? Believe that the Constitution is actually more than just a cleverly devised speed-bump to the needs of government in its power grab? Vote for Ron Paul and watch this country finally have the chance to mend itself back together instead of getting more of the same absolute filth.