Bob Owens

The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Mr. Popularity

Written By: Bob - May• 09•12

How awesome is President Hope and Change in 2012? As awesome as you would expect a dog-eating, sarong-wearing Marxist would after three years of revealed incompetence. But don’t ask me. Look at his primary results from West Virginia, in a political battle I like to call “the Mullet versus the Moron.”

Just how unpopular is President Obama in some parts of the country? Enough that a man in prison in Texas received four out of 10 votes in West Virginia’s Democratic presidential primary.

Inmate Keith Judd is serving 17 years for extortion at the Beaumont Federal Correctional Institution in Texas.

With 93 per cent of precincts reporting, Obama was receiving just under 60 per cent of the vote to Judd’s 40 per cent.

My hope is that after Fast and Furious is thoroughly investigated, President Obama will share Judd’s status as a long-term inmate.

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