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Obama bio: “born in Kenya”

Written By: Bob - May• 17•12 has discovered a bio from an early publisher that claims Barack Obama was born in Kenya, and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii. Neither the staff of Breitbart nor I are “birthers,” and don’t claim the article shows that the President was born anywhere other than Hawaii.

What the bio shows is that long before he stepped into the national spotlight, Obama was already comfortable with lying about and manipulating his past for his personal gain.

That gets pretty easy to do when voters and the media don’t demand to know who their President really is.

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  1. KWS says:

    And yet, you know yourself how it works in the printing and publishing world. No one would ever have published that bio w/o Obama authoring it and/or approving it – probably he saw it more than once, in ms. or galley form, and again in final proofs. Clearly he approved it. There was no “fact checking error” as they are now claiming – such an error would have been caught well before the final proof stage, and even in the unlikely event it wasn’t caught, the brochure would have been reprinted with the correct info (such a brochure will likely be produced by Obama as soon as his minions are able to PhotoShop one). More to the point: why continue to claim that he was born in Hawaii? Can’t something be exactly what it appears to be? We have a clearly photoshopped birth certificate – anyone who looks at the forensic explanation of the date stamp would be fully convinced by that detail alone. And now we have this. Sure seems to add up to one big lie to me. And remember what Hitler advised in “Mein Kampf” (I paraphrase here): Don’t attempt the small lie; people will catch you at it every time. If you’re going to lie, lie big. No one ever expects a politician to be that bold.

    All you and Breitbart are doing is proving Hitler’s point. This lie explains the records he has refused to release AND the photoshopped birth certificate. It couldn’t be any simpler.

    • Neo says:

      I know of a political pundit who signed a contract that described his book as a “work of science fiction”

      You got it. Nobody read anything except the part about the money.

  2. KWS says:

    Oh, and I forgot Obama’s Social Security number, which actually belonged to a dead Connecticut man. This is nothing but the biggest fraud ever pulled off in America. And people still refuse to believe it.

  3. emdfl says:

    KWS – to paraphrase an old expression: “There are none so blind as those who refuse to see…” HEH, HEH, HEH

  4. Katherine says:

    I agree with you, Bob. What this is evidence for is Obama’s lifelong habit of pretending and telling false or at least embroidered stories about himself.

    • KWS says:

      Right. Because there is so much evidence of him ever telling the truth, it must absolutely be true that he was born in Hawaii – b/c he said so! The birth certificate has 9 layers in photoshop. Read about the forensic investigation carried out in Arizona.

      • Katherine says:

        KWS, can you explain to me how a pregnant young woman accomplished a long and VERY expensive trip to Kenya to give birth, accompanied by a husband with whom she never seems to have lived and who already had a wife in Kenya? The whole story makes little sense. Jack Cashill’s book and blog postings make considerably more sense. Essentially he argues that the Obama marriage was to give the baby a name, important in 1961, and no more.

      • KWS says:

        I disagree, largely b/c you have no evidence to support your viewpoint. You’re basically just accepting the story of a guy who at best is a liar, and at worst is a fraud. Breitbart today is showing evidence that this bio was used from 1991 to 2007. And you still think it’s a fact-checking error? Why not release the birth certificate before he was elected? Why did it take 3 years? Why does it have 9 layers in photoshop? Why is the date stamp different from the two certificates before and after his? Why does he have a Connecticut SS no. when he’s never lived in Connecticut? Why has he spent $2 million keeping his records secret? No one does that unless they have something to hide. The thing that makes the most sense is that everything is just as it appears to be. We need to stop making excuses for him and start forcing him to answer some hard questions.

      • Katherine says:

        The problem is, no one has any evidence that Obama was born somewhere other than Hawaii — no evidence and no rational story to account for such a thing having happened. Your belief about the birth certificate is the cue to go out and find out where, if it wasn’t Hawaii, he was born. I have yet to read of a plausible scenario or any reliable evidence for an alternative birthplace.

  5. NRA says:

    I’m wondering if it’s the Warren Play here: Suppose Obama, having been born in Hawaii, claimed foreign birth as a means of gaining access? Either way, nothing helps the man’s credibility.

  6. rumcrook says:

    what it comes down to is the real story, obama and most leftists are grifters, scammers thieves skimming thier cut off the backs of the productive. instead of accomplishing anything on thier merit, they use lies and false naratives whatever those may be to advance themselves. they never advance themselves based on merit, its allways done with a lies and theft.

    just look at warren sttealing a whole peoples history, why becuase it suited her need to advance.

    same for barry. he used whatever scam and lie he needed when he needed them.

  7. Chuck says:

    The issues of birthplace, fraudulent released BC, and literary bio, while interesting, totally ignore the fact that BHO is not, never was, and cannot claim to be a natural born Citizen as required in the Constitution.

    Most people are either unaware of or refuse to believe this, and no one with the position or power to pursue it seems to give a rat’s a**.

    The question isn’t going away when BHO leaves office. Wait for a candidacy by a Marco Rubio or other citizen who may not be a natural born Citizen.