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Community forum records Zimmerman chastizing police for Sherman Ware incident

There have been more than a few of Trayvon Martin’s cult-like apologists on Twitter that have tried to portray George Zimmerman as the devil incarnate, including actions in his past. One of the events they frequently dispute the the claim that Zimmerman was involved in a campaign to seek justice for Sherman Ware, a black […]

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Four witnesses in Zimmerman case change their stories after meeting with state investigators

Someone please explain to me how this doesn’t raise the possibility of a witness tampering investigation: vidence released last week in the second-degree-murder case against George Zimmerman shows four key witnesses made major changes in what they say they saw and heard the night he fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford. Three changed their […]

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Boberg XR9-S Onyx, Springfield XD 9 subcompact

This will probably be my last Boberg pic or comment until the Shooting Illustrated article posts. The XD 9 subcompact is my primary summer carry gun because of its small small size, but the Boberg has the advantage of being much thinner, making it a true “pocket nine.”

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Why are Maryland Democrats letting the “Speedway Bomber” get away with terrorism?

Meet Brett Kimberlin. Brett Kimberlin has led a very interesting life. I’d point you to his Wikipedia page, but apparently it has been scrubbed. Residents of the town of Speedway have another name for Mr. Kimberlin. To them he is known as the “Speedway Bomber.”  The Indy Star has a series of articles (part 1, […]

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Obama’s incompetent campaign

It’s easy to run a campaign when you’re a nobody and the media doesn’t care about vetting your, or finding out your positions beyond that fact that your more radical as they could have ever dreamed. Four years later, Barack Obama is a known quantity, trying to hide from his record. It’s not working out […]

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