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I’ll never make it as a photographer

The gun on the top right is one of the first 4 Detonics MTX-H modular .45s made. The one on the bottom is the only Boberg XR9-S Onyx Edition in the world. This deserves to be such a much cooler-looking, better-quality picture. This one of just the Boberg (in an appropriated M&P 9c IWB holster) […]

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We’re winning: Dick’s Sporting Goods edition

It has to make Brady bunch, the Violence Policy Center, CGSV, Bloomberg and Obama feel utterly inept. Sporting goods giant Dick’s Sporting Goods is now not just carrying Ar-15 style rifles, but promoting them heavily. A perfect example of that is today’s Sunday flyer (mine came from the 5/20 News & Observer). According to the […]

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Ex “The View” co-host entertains Zimmerman case conspiracy theories

Star Jones, former co-host of The View and other less-successful television shows, has taken to Twitter to entertain conspiracy theories that community watch volunteer George Zimmerman may have faked injuries sustained in a fight with Trayvon Martin to support his claim of self defense. Jones made her name in the infotainment industry as a legal analyst […]

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Did Obama fake being Kenyan to get into college?

You know how that sometimes something seems off, but you can’t put your finger on precisely what? That’s the feeling I’ve long had with birtherism. It is almost impossible for Obama to have been born somewhere outside of the country, and yet it seems he’s still doggedly determined to hide as much of his past […]

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House leadership finally active in Fast and Furious

It was a long time coming but Speaker of the House John Boehner and other congressional leaders are apparently, belatedly, on board for accountability in Murdergate. House Speaker John Boehner and his top deputies are stepping up pressure on Attorney General Eric Holder in an effort to enforce the congressional subpoena of documents pertaining to Operation […]

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