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Pink and Grey

Written By: Bob - May• 04•12

I was reading through the comments of my PJ Media article this morning about the 15 whites injured in 14 attacks related to anger over the Trayvon Martin case. There are a lot of concerned comments there. There are people worried both over the actual physical threat of mob violence, and over the media and government (federal, state, and local) refusing to confront the violence aggressively and head-on to quash it before it grows in scale. The anger and fear have some folks making what I hope are idle threats, but threats nonetheless.  They prompted one grandmother named Beth to leave the following comment.

Hey, my son in law is black. He is an extremely decent man. My first three grandkids are definately [sic] on the tan side, and they are three of the most wonderful kids you will meet. Exhausting, but wonderful. A dear friend of mine is also black, and is one of the nicest people I have ever met. And that isn’t just words, she has raised a bunch of children not her own with great love and tenderness.

Yes, there are jerks (a lot) out there. Yes, there are huge, huge, problems in the black community. But for gods sake, don’t make the same mistake as those idiots who are beating up white folks, or the Jesse Jackson talking head scum. Don’t fall into the trap of divide and conquer like those fools have done.

I dread the escalation I am seeing on these boards. Where is my family going to go during a race war? I can tell you this, anyone, black white green purple who messes with my son in law or grandkids will be in for a rude awakening…

Where is my family going to go during a race war?

That’s a poignant question, and one that should sober up everyone on both sides that appear to be championing violence.

I live in a mixed-race middle-class community, with people from all sorts of backgrounds. On my block there are 8 houses, including one owned by a Hispanic family, another owned by a mixed-race couple, and another owned by a Columbian man, but rented out to white family.

Should circumstances spin wildly out of control and rioting and racial violence erupt, will I turn upon my neighbors, merely because of the color of their skin?

I. Will. Not. Nor do I expect most people will.

I live on one quiet street in a neighborhood of good and decent people. Democrats and Independents and Libertarians and Republicans, colored white, black, brown and yellow, and every shade in between. We probably don’t all agree on any given issue, and that sort of diversity of thought is what makes this life such a wonderful, vibrant, and interesting.

But we agree on some things. We agree on law and order and being courteous to one another, at the very least. Most of us are good and decent sheep with no intention of ever hurting another soul intentionally, and that makes the world an okay place.

But there are forces out there that are feral and malevolent. They think little or nothing of others, and only aspire to the gratification of their base desires. These people are predators, and while they represent only a tiny fraction of the total population and are scattered among all ethnic groups and economic strata, they account for the vast majority of the headlines on the local news. They are predators, and vicious ones at that.

Then there are sheepdogs. I am a sheepdog. I don’t know if I am a sheepdog by DNA, or by choice. I have always moved towards the sounds of smashing metal and shattering glass and screams. I don’t do these things out of any sense of heroism, or because it was my job, or because of anything else. I did it because someone needed to… and I was there.

A lot of the wolves of this world are also pink. MY neighbors… MY Tribe… are all mostly grey. I’ll leave you to read Bill Whittle’s excellent essay Tribes for an explanation of these terms.

Being both “grey” and a “sheepdog,” when push comes to shove, I’ll protect the sheep around me from the wolves with all that I have, because that is simply what I am. My tribe is good and decent and hardworking regardless of individual color, creed, politics, or nationality. Other sheepdogs in my tribe will stand for the very same reasons.

Where is my family going to go during a race war?

They are good and decent people, and likely have surrounded themselves with good and decent people because you choose your tribe. Some of the members of their tribe will be sheepdogs, and sheepdogs don’t see color that way.

They see only that which must be protected.

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  1. Robert says:

    Remember the John Derbyshire kerfuffle of a couple weeks ago? Man seems like a prophet now, doesn’t he?

  2. LCB says:

    Amen! And Amen…

  3. UnAmbiguousAmerican says:

    It’s a great post, and a fine point, but my take (Other than a few outliers) from the comments, is how people will respond if attacked by a group of… homogenous color.

    This may all be manufactured but after last summer and this year, I’m not really willing to give the benefit of the doubt if I see violent tribalism.

    I’m not going to go seeking trouble if there are riots, but I’m not going to let them burn my house down or threaten my family.

    • Don says:

      “I’m not going to go seeking trouble if there are riots, but I’m not going to let them burn my house down or threaten my family.”

      Preach it! You mess with me or mine at your peril.

  4. I don’t intend to take part in a race war. I do intend to defend myself, my family and my friends from attackers of any race.

  5. Big Country says:

    Well spoken Bob… as you know, I’ve been a ‘sheepdog’ for nigh on 20 years now, and have a multi-ethinic group of bros and friends… They’re all good and WILL be good if the shytte hit the occilation device (SIC) but as far as other neighbors? Democrats and liberals get one shot at reformation, then it’s off to the new inquisition…… (Just a joke! A joke… juuuuuust kidding!) After all, I know a L-D (lib-dem) is nothing more than an unmugged republican waiting to happen….

  6. Col Bat Guano says:

    I won’t start a race war in my neighborhood, but I’ll sure end it.

  7. amr632 says:

    My farm is offered to friends as a sanctuary in the event the rule of law breaks down. My friends from the near by city will travel to my place if it starts. Some of my friends are from different races than me but they are a cross section of American backgrounds; they are all decent, law abiding Americans. One is a sheep dog like me, but all have become a step above sheep during the past couple of years. Fear and reality has left its mark on them and those that didn’t own firearms, now do. It’s such as shame that we have to believe we have to prepare for the worse.

  8. rumcrook says:

    For me the possibility of something bad shouldn’t be called a race war, it should be called a culture war with some minor but frightening race skirmishes which have been ginned up by the real threat, leftism. The division the discord the cultural self hate building over the last 40 years all to say western culture and civilization is bad. It must be destroyed.

    And the foot soldiers find targets.
    Anyone remember all the violent episodes directed at known republicans by leftist mobs during republican events?
    These savages just substituted known (whiteness) for the real Target republican. The real war is coming when republicans start meeting in any known meaningful events.