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Trayvon Martin Foundation sends interesting messages

Written By: Bob - May• 14•12

Ran across an interesting article about the monies being raised on both sides of the Trayvon Martin case, and was particularly interested in what Martin’s parents seem interested in accomplishing:

The goal is to raise $1.5 million for programs such as teaching conflict resolution to teens.

The first order of business: a movement to repeal the Stand Your Ground laws that exist around the nation. Fulton released a video on Friday, timed for Mother’s Day, on urging Americans to appeal to their respective governors to eliminate laws that offer increased immunity in self-defense cases.

Interested in teaching conflict resolution? The cynic in me views that as an admission that they recognize that their son has a problem with his temper and violence. Perhaps they are aware of the bus driver assault their son is rumored to have committed shortly before his death in addition to whatever he did around their homes or elsewhere.

It could perhaps also be interpreted another way, perhaps as a way of stating that if George Zimmerman had better conflict resolution skills, that he wouldn’t have shot their son. Of course by the point their son was allegedly attempting to smash Zimmerman’s skull into paste that idea went right out the window.

Their other interest is repealing “Stand Your Ground” laws, which is stupid. Yes, I’m claiming that Martin’s parents are stupid. SYG laws had nothing to do with Trayvon Martin’s death.

If the events went as George Zimmerman described it is a clear-cut case of self defense that predates the existence of firearms. If Zimmerman is lying, and he shot Martin without reasonably fearing his life was in danger, he is guilty of manslaughter. In either event SYG laws are irrelevant.

Some gun-grabbers interested in pushing this and any other law that they can to role back self-defense rights are attempting to claim that if SYG laws didn’t exist, then Zimmerman would not have shot Martin. That is utter hogwash, neither logical nor remotely supported by any evidence other than their fevered imaginations.

The Trayvon Martin family is suffering through the loss of their son and I feel sorry for them for that.

Attempting to strip the God-given right of self defense from Americans, however, is evil.

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  1. david7134 says:

    Conflict resolution is a little hard when someone is trying to make your head part of the road.

    Maybe we should take a different stand and say that we have had enough of violent young blacks. They can take their attitude and shove it.

  2. Terry in GA says:

    The real (seriously real) problem with the intent to teach conflict resolution to teens, or how to deal with cops, which I have seen in other articles, is that they are proposing that the NBP and NAACP types TEACH these skills. I don’t know about you, but I would suggest that these are the ones who need to be taught, along with the teens, in conflict resolution and properly dealing with authority. Maybe I’m a little naive, but obedience and respect to officers of the law was kindergarten-age lessons in my home. I would have never wasted my one phone call on either of my parents if I had failed to regard the authority of a police officer. And I have also been taught that effective and proper conflict resolution comes from a mouth, and one without the added need for an attitude adjustment.

    My deepest condolences and prayers go to the parents of Trayvon Martin. My continued defense of my own right to protect myself and my family from danger is unchanged. When I leave my home, it is and will continue to be with my handgun. While I would share any effort to teach our teenagers how to respect authority and proper conflict resolution, my second amendment right to keep and bear arms is not up for debate. As a law abiding citizen with 52 years experience at peaceful behavior, I am not willing to push my luck with others who may not share my peaceful optimism in the power of communication.

  3. Rob Crawford says:

    The Martins aren’t “stupid” — they’re greedy. They apparently quit their jobs after they hit the jackpot, er, heard their son had tragically died. They trademarked his name!