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Was Trayvon Martin using a street drug called “Lean?”

Written By: Bob - May• 26•12

I had never heard of “lean” before yesterday, but apparently it is a concoction made from certain prescription cough syrups and a beverage medium, often made more palatable with candy.

One of the recipes for “lean” calls for using Arizona Iced Tea Co.watermelon fruit juice cocktail as the beverage of choice, and Skittles candy… the items found on Trayvon Martin’s body the night he was shot by George Zimmerman.

The Conservative Treehouse has a lengthy post about the recreational drug, it’s effects and side effects, and alleged screen captures of Trayvon Martin’s social media sites discussing his fondness for the concoction.

I have no idea if the screen captures are legitimate or not, but I do find it odd that Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump described the drink as iced tea when it clearly says “watermelon fruit juice cocktail” on the can. Was that an honest mistake, or purposeful deception in an attempt to hide Trayvon’s possible drug use?

If the story is correct it seems Trayvon’s medical records and the medical examiner’s review of his body will be revisited, to see if he used the drug frequently and in a concentrated enough form to explain his apparent confusion at the convenience store that night, the odd behavior that spurred George Zimmerman to call Sanford police, and the aggression he displayed when he fought with Zimmerman.

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  2. david7134 says:

    I have never heard of the drug, but who buys watermelon juice and skittles? I thought the combo was a very strange combo, especially considering that it takes a major event to have some people get off their backsides and move, much less walk to the 7-11.

    If you read further, on the web site, they have a video of several blacks at the 7-11. Now that summates what is wrong with race relations. A white guy would have been stressed to the max as a consequence of checking out at night with a group of blacks around. His percentage of being a victim would be very high. I know as it happened to me.

  3. ccoffer says:

    Purpa drank. Das whut dey call it. Purpa drank.

  4. When Sizzurp isn’t readily available . . ….

    . . . there’s always Lean. From the Bob Owens blog: One of the recipes for “lean” calls for using Arizona Iced Tea Co.watermelon fruit juice cocktail as the beverage of choice, and Skittles candy… the items found on Trayvon Martin’s body the nigh…

  5. Smokey Behr says:

    Just so the MSM narrative can continue: You’re a racist for this post.

    Now that I’ve got that out of the way, we can get to serious business… The “My baby was a good boy. He wadn’t doin’ nutin’…” mantra unleashed by Trayvon’s parents is beginning to crumble into dust as we see more and more circumstantial evidence (and some direct evidence) that he was engaged in illicit activity, including substance abuse and illegal substance sales.

  6. Pale White says:

    The rogue prosecutor Angela Corey will find herself in the same fix as the prosecutor in the Duke Three hoax, in jail and disbarred if she goes through with this wrongful prosecution of George Zimmerman.

    It has been suggested that there are people that want GZ in jail so he can be murdered and this case will be over.

  7. elise says:

    George Zimmerman had set up a website to collect money for his defense. After only two weeks, Zimmerman closed the website after collecting about $200k because of fears that someone might prosecute him for raising money for his defense on the Internet. You don’t suppose that leftist hacks in the Florida government were embarrassed by the fact that there was such widespread support for George Zimmerman and that they pressured him to close that website. Also, how could the state of Florida claim that it did not know about the money that Zimmerman had raised especially if they had pressured him to close down his website well before the bail hearing?The attempt to lynch Zimmerman through the corrupt Florida judicial system might be thwarted if Zimmerman raised enough money for a first class legal defense.

    I have NEVER heard of a legal case in a so-called Western democracy (or Republic if you still believe we have a Constitution) in which the accused was NOT allowed to raise money for his defense or intimidated by government officials not to raise money. That is a new low even for a backward Third World country, which the state of Florida has apparently become.

    The funds raised on Zimmerman’s website are going to his lawyer. Legally, George Zimmerman is obliged to pay that money to his attorney since that was the purpose of the website and the fund appeal. Zimmerman’s attorney Mark O’Mara has stated that every penny is being accounted for. The prosecution in Florida is trying to claim that the money raised on that website was somehow the private property of the Zimmerman family. The bottom line is that the prosecution case against George Zimmerman is so incredibly weak and that the filing of charges by Angela Corey is so obviously an act of judicial misconduct, that the Florida authorities are trying to charge Zimmerman and even his wife with every crime they can imagine.

    It’s too bad the state of Florida didn’t prosecute Trayvon for vandalizing school property, possession of stolen jewelry,selling illegal drugs or the violent assault on a bus driver. If Trayvon had been doing time in juvenile hall for any of those crimes, he would not have been out on the streets assaulting George Zimmerman.