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We’re winning: Dick’s Sporting Goods edition

Written By: Bob - May• 20•12

It has to make Brady bunch, the Violence Policy Center, CGSV, Bloomberg and Obama feel utterly inept. Sporting goods giant Dick’s Sporting Goods is now not just carrying Ar-15 style rifles, but promoting them heavily.

A perfect example of that is today’s Sunday flyer (mine came from the 5/20 News & Observer).

Dick's Sporting Goods AR-15 promotion

According to the ad, the stores are carrying AR-15 tactical style rifles in .22LR and 5.56 from Bushmaster, Smith & Wesson, and Stag Arms among others. The chain has carried the Remington version of the AR-15 and AR-10 in various camo patterns for a while now. They have apparently decided that anti-gunners have no teeth, and have expanded their offering to include the guns more people want to buy.

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  1. Cole says:

    No such luck in Crook County. The circular just has kayaks on the cover. There’s a few hunting rifles and shotguns on page 4 in my version. That’s it. Type in 60477 as the area code to see what a Brave New World looks like. Good to hear Dick’s is catering to the 2nd amendment crowd out in the real world. Just more motivation to move.

  2. Bob aka "Melensdad" says:

    I went into Dick’s last weekend to buy my daughter her first O/U shotgun. Stood around the gun counter for about 15 minutes and nobody bothered to wait on me, in fact no workers were even seen near the gun counter. Walking out I was ‘greeted’ by the same girl who ‘greeted’ me when I walked. She saw I was empty handed as I was walking out the door but being empty headed she asked if I had found everything I needed? Huh!?! Well I explained I had a pocket full of cash and was planning to buy a shotgun but couldn’t get anyone to wait on me . . . and then I proceeded out the door. It was not my first unsatisfactory experience at Dicks.

    So now I see Dicks FINALLY stocks the most popular rifle in America, about 4 years after it became the AR15 became the most popular rifle. I guess that if I go back to Dicks in 4 years then maybe someone will try to sell me a shotgun for my daughter!

    • Bob says:

      I used to work at Dick’s, first in Middletown, NY, and later at Cary, NC. I was promoted to lead of the largest department (hard goods) at the NY location because of work ethic and customer satisfaction.

      I was let go from the Cary, NC store because I was more interested in helping customers than stocking shelves. I can’t disparage the entire chain, but at least some managers are far more interested in keeping the shelves stocked to the brim than earning repeat business.

  3. Ron W says:

    I’ve noticed the same thing at Dick’s although I did get a good buy on a scoped Remington 700 26″ heavy barrel there which was on sale on a day there was someone at the gun counter. On the other hand, across the street there’s an Academy Sports store which almost always has at least two people at the gun counter. In addition to AR semi-autos, they also have handguns, some of which occasionally go on sale at very good prices

  4. LCB says:

    I’ve been to the Hamilton, Ohio store many times, and on only 2 occasions were there employees at the gun counter. Come to think of it, both times were during holiday shopping seasons.

    The Dayton store close to the Dayton Mall on the other hand, has always had someone there to help. So…I think some managers realize there’s money to be made with guns, while others think it’s the overpriced gymn shorts that make dah cash.

    • Rob Crawford says:

      The store in the Eastgate area of Cincinnati has at least one decent guy on their gun counter. He told me to go someplace else.

      Apparently, they’re not allowed to sell semi-autos larger than .22 *AND* clothing if they’re within so many miles of certain urban areas. Since they’re within that range of Cincinnati city limits, well, they’ll make their money off clothes.

      (I have no idea if it’s a state law or not.)

  5. LCB says:

    I’ve sort of had this same issue with Wal-Mart. The ammo, rightly, is locked in cabinets. But finding someone to open the cabinet can be a challenge. I’ve emailed Wal-Mart and suggested a button, like they use at Lowe’s: “A customer needs assistance in the Sporting Goods Section!” announced over the PA.

    Dick’s could do the same if they don’t want to man (woman?) the gun counter all of the time.

  6. PT says:

    The GSG-22 is about $50 overpriced. No wonder they are promoting them, they are making $$$ off of them.