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Whisky. Tango. Foxtrot. Zombie.

Written By: Bob - May• 30•12

First, there was the face-eating drugged-out cannibal in Miami.

Then there was the body-part mailing, gay cannibal snuff-film porn star in Ottawa.

And now some devil-possessed woman in San Antonio has hacked apart her infant’s head and feasted on his brains.

I am not laughing at this any more.

Update: Some guy in Maryland was just arrested for eating his roommate. I swear, I’m going to start building a bunker.

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  1. Jeff Hoser says:

    Been a reloader for thirty years. Used lots of Hornady products . Never thought I’d see the day when a major component supplier would field a fantasy ad to sell its wares ! >JH

  2. rumcrook says:

    or the guy in canada who is actually going to be let out of the loony bin soon to be “re-integrated into society” he had murdered a fellow passenger and total stranger at the back of a bus and was eating him (obviously all the other riders and the driver fled the bus)when the police arrived.

    we are entering the time of the goblins.
    more bodies walking around the planet than souls

    they look nominally human while wearing their skin suit but they can only hide what they really are for a while.

    • rumcrook says:

      something big is coming. its coiling up like a spring. its bringing darkness and chaos and its mindless advance foot soldiers have begun to arrive.

      a few here a few there, then clots and sporadic mobs of them like the ows or the flash mobs

      but it will grow in intensity and size and they will want to feast on the labors of your life, property family et all.

      if your not prepin you and yours are already dead.

  3. SDN says:

    You missed the guy in Hackensack NJ who was suicidal and started throwing his OWN intestines at the cops….

  4. Green Eagle says:

    “I’m going to start building a bunker..”

    Bob, having followed your blog for several years, I’m stunned to hear that you don’t have several of them already. You can’t be too prepared, you know.