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George Zimmerman waits to find out if he will be granted bail a second time

George Zimmerman was back in court again this morning in his second bond hearing, which ended without a bond decision being reached by the judge. Zimmerman, on trial in a controversial second degree murder case for the killing of Trayvon Martin, had his prior bond revoked for concealing assets he had raised via PayPal from […]

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24 hours after the Supreme Court weighs in, Obamacare still smells like crap

I’ve had a day now to reflect upon the decisions reached about Obamacare in the Supreme Court, a full 24 hours to read analysis and opinion about the ruling from both layperson and expert alike. I’m not buying the arguments of those that are attempting to justify Chief Justice John Roberts’ bizarre splitting of the […]

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Breaking: House votes to find Attorney General in contempt of Congress

In what appears to be a 255-67 votes with 17 Democrats crossing over to vote with Republicans, the House of Representatives have voted to find Eric Holder in contempt of Congress. 100 craven Democrats walked out of the vote in their version of a temper tantrum.

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UFC’s White KOs Anonymous hackers

Here’s a news item you don’t see everyday: Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White thinks he might have had a hand in helping bring down some Anonymous hackers. You should have seen the kind of tweets their Twitter followers were sending me. All these mysterious threats, like, “We’re watching you” and “We can find you.” […]

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House Dems continue to disgrace themselves in advance of Fast and Furious vote

The House Democrats are doing their level best to muddy the waters about the pending contempt vote on Operation Fast and Furious, reasserting the already debunked claims that Operation Wide Receiver was a similar operation, and crying loudly that the contempt voteĀ  is a purely political operation. I’d like to see each one of these […]

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