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BOOM: George and Shelly Zimmerman caught on tape lying about access to money prior to bond hearing. Zimmerman ordered back to prison.

Written By: Bob - Jun• 01•12

I just listened to the Zimmerman case, which was supposed to merely be about what information would be released via discovery and what the media would be allowed to see.

After that order of business was decided, however, the State dropped a bombshell, claiming that George Zimmerman hid a second passport, and that he and his wife lied about the money they had at their disposal prior to the bond hearing. Furthermore, they had their poorly coded conversation about the money recorded via the prison phone system.

It was quickly determined that the second passport was a procedural gaffe by Zimmerman attorney Mark O’Mara, and the judge found it easy to forgive that minor transgression as a mistake.

He did not take Mr.  and Mrs. Zimmerman conspiring to lie about the money kindly, however, and suggested to the prosecutor that he was surprised that he didn’t come to the court to have charges sworn out against her at the hearing.

Judge Lester revoked George Zimmerman’s bond, and he must return to prison within 48 hours.

I can’t begin to fathom the sea-change this disclosure and bond revocation make to this case. All known physical and medical evidence released to this point had either supported or at least hadn’t conflicted with Zimmerman’s account of the fight he had with Trayvon Martin that ended in Martin being killed by a single shot at contact range.

Zimmerman and his wife destroyed his credibility, for absolutely no reason, to conceal access to money that could have been used to pay the bond if they hadn’t lied.

I don’t think it is out of line to suggest that these flagrant and stupid lies by George Zimmerman may have just cost him dearly, even if the actual evidence of the shooting itself exonerates him. He may have just lost the sympathy of the judge towards dropping of the charges before the trail, and tainted his chances at the trial if the case precedes that far.

What. A. Moron.

Update: Tom Maguire finds an interesting theoretical silver lining:

If forced to conjure a silver lining for Zimmerman, I would say that the judge can claim he has gone by the book and even thrown it at Zimmerman, which may give the judge some latitude down the road when facts and an absurd prosecution case oblige him to rule in favor of Zimmerman at the pre-trial self-defense hearing.

Update: Link to the Prosecution’s motion to revoke bail.

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  1. Gus Bailey says:

    Gotta agree with you on that one Bob.

  2. Rob Crawford says:

    I can’t begin to fathom the sea-change this disclosure and bond revocation make to this case.

    So this rewrites all the physical and medical evidence?

    No? Oh, that’s right. It doesn’t. Nothing’s actually changed.

    Oh, it makes him look “dishonest”. Compared to the BS pulled by the “special” prosecutor, he still looks like an angel.

  3. creeper says:

    This is cr@p. I’ve been the victim of malicious litigation. A defense fund was started for me. Never in my wildest dreams did I consider that money mine. It belonged, always, to the lawyer who was so ably defending me.

    You have no idea who actually administered Zimmerman’s defense fund. You’re just buying the left-wing spin right out of the gate. Whadya say we wait till the details come out before we rush to judgment?

  4. NJ Mike says:

    Except for the fact that the LEGAL DEFENSE fund was set up to pay LEGAL DEFENSE expenses, sure he could have used it for bond……..except he COULD NOT.
    GZ is getting lynched by the filthy, anti-American racist left, can’t we leave the poor guy alone?

  5. Robb Allen says:

    All known physical and medical evidence released to this point had either supported or at least hadn’t conflicted with Zimmerman’s account of the fight he had with Trayvon Martin that ended in Martin being killed by a single shot at contact range.

    And this revelation has no bearing on those facts.

    Not that it matters. This case is no longer about facts, but about who can gin up the best media soundbites and what will make for the best new reality show.

    Dumb move on Zimmerman’s part, no doubt about it, but could you say that you could withstand the sheer amount of hatred and politicization and not make missteps? One assumes that when you are literally scared for your life 24×7 and the subject of intense public scrutiny, things that would sound like a bad idea in any other situation suddenly ‘make sense’.


    I think all of us are glad we’re not in his shoes.

  6. Rob Crawford says:

    What’s the source on this, BTW? Greg Gutman?

  7. zane says:

    If GZ knew about the money (since the PayPal account was set up just two days before his initial arrest) I wonder; if the New Black Panthers had put out wanted posters on any of you, would you have used that money to relocate your family (who were already getting death threats) to get them out of harm’s way?

  8. Georg Felis says:

    So is the correct amount of bond money 10% more money than you have, or 95%?

    If I didn’t know better, this would look like the Judge/Prosecution putting Zimmerman into a situation where he will either be killed by other inmates, or terrorized into confessing to a crime he did not commit, either of which would take great pressure off the State.

  9. Tom J says:

    This is ridiculous .. why would one think that a DEFENSE FUND would be used to make bail. I mean really .. if he gave the money to the court for BAIL, how could he use it for DEFENSE!

  10. Junk Science Skeptic says:

    As I understand it, the passport was in the lawyer’s possession, to be turned over to the court. As such, GZ had no access to it, so it was de facto surrendered.

  11. Redondo Beach Bum says:

    Tom J, it’s not an “either-or” situation. Funds and property used to post bail are actually good news for defence lawyers. They can get their clients to assign to them whatever’s been posted in full or part satisfaction of their bills, so they know exactly what’s securing their bills and where they can go to get them paid.

    Thing is, it’s part of the defence attorney’s job to be on top of these thing. So you have to wonder right off the top why Zimmerman’s lawyer didn’t have any answer for the judge about Zimmerman and his wife knowing all about what money had come into that website. When a defence attorney CAN’T answer to this sort of thing, judges take that as a sure sign that the client has also been misleading his own lawyer.

    And keep in mind that this is at least the second set of lawyers Zimmerman has had on this so far. I say that because people ought to be prepared for the possibility that this current set of lawyers are going to ask off the case, too. This guy Zimmerman’s got a really odd relationship with his own lawyers.

  12. Casey says:

    For the naysayers, let me point out that “disclose all assets” means …. disclose all assets.

    Zimmerman stepped on his own foot here. Never piss off the judge.