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LOL: Think Progress trumpets Obama obstruction in Fast and Furious plot

Written By: Bob - Jun• 24•12

When your entire reason for living is political spin, you’re often able to twist even the most damning evidence of corruption into a positive. Think Progress drone Josh Israel attempts just that in his post, GOP Oversight Chair Admits There Is No Evidence Of White House Involvement In Fast And Furious.

Last week, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH)claimed that the White House decision to invoke executive privilege to prevent the release of some documents related to the “Fast and Furious” investigation indicated some sort of admission of a White House cover-up. Today, pressed by Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) admitted that there is absolutely no evidence to back up Boehner’s allegation:

WALLACE: Do you have any evidence that White House officials were involved in these decisions, that they knowingly misled Congress, and are involved in a cover-up?

ISSA: No, we don’t. And what we are seeking are documents that we know to exist, February 4 to December [2011] that are in fact about [murdered Border Patrol agent] Brian Terry’s murder, who knew, and why people were lying about it…

WALLACE: I want to be clear, because we’ve got to get out, no evidence that the White House is involved in the cover up?

ISSA: And I hope they don’t get involved.

Israel is trying to make hay out of a lack of evidence against an Obama Administration accused of covering up evidence in the nation’s deadliest-ever political scandal. At least 300 Mexicans and 2 federal agents have been killed with some of the 2,500 Fast and Furious weapons “walked” to the Sinaloa drug cartel from a Arizona-based gun-running plot designed from the ground up to build a body count to manufacture evidence for the 90-percent lie.

The lie–the Obama Administration claim that 90-percent of weapons recovered from Mexican drug cartels came from U.S. civilian gun sales–was a major push by the Obama Administration in 2009. President Obama, Attorney General Holder, DHS Secretary Napolitano, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton led the charge, supported by high-profile House and Senate Democrats. The media uncritically parroted the claim without even the most cursory attempt to validate the grossly absurd claim.

As the Obama Administration was pushing the lie in public, The joint DOJ/DHS/Treasury plot Fast and Furious was supplying weapons hand-over-fist to Mexican cartels in an attempt to inject U.S. civilian-purchased firearms into Mexico.

It was an attempt to manufacture support for gun control, and one that was designed from the ground up to require the murders of hundreds or thousands of Mexican citizens, and only came to light after ATF whistleblowers revealed the plot.

Of course there isn’t evidence yet of the President’s involvement. He’s sent aides overseas out of the range of Congressional investigators and has refused to allow them to testify. He’s had the Department of Justice orchestrate a cover-up that has resulted in contempt charges for Attorney General Eric Holder. We don’t have the goods now, just as we didn’t have the good on Nixon at the beginning of Watergate.

There is the crime, and then there is the coverup. Thunk Progress shouts that there isn’t evidence revealed yet showing that the Obama White House was neck-deep in the Fast and Furious murder plot. They don’t dare argue that such evidence doesn’t exist.

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  1. Al Reasin says:

    I don’t usually enter into thinking about government conspiracy theories, but with F&F I have made an exception; especially since I keep hearing the Democratic talking points that it started with Bush and Holder stopped it, and the 90% lie. With Obama telling Mrs. Brady he was operating under the radar to impose gun controls the plot thickened. Power Line tried to come up with an alternative theory as to why F&F was initiated, but it wasn’t all that good, IMO.

    If Holder and his deputies were not involved, then we have a serious problem beyond F&F if the government is permitting low level officials to violate federal laws, involve the FBI, DHS, and even the IRS in the operation and violating Mexico’s sovereignty without high level approval. Wars have been started for far less. And don’t forget that F&F was just one of at least four gun walking operations and one was supposedly in the US giving weapons to gangs. Former SS agent Dan Bongino wondered on Fox and Friends why illegal guns started increasingly showing up in NY and other states after F&F began.

    Obama’s entry into this issue may be because of the extent of the operations beyond the AZ F&F operation. Just saying.

  2. Phelps says:

    The White House has, in an unforced error, hemmed themselves into the case inextricably.

    If the White House wasn’t involved in F&F, then the invocation of privilege is improper.

    If the White House was involved in F&F, then the invocation is improper because it is done to conceal wrongdoing.

    Either way, as soon as they claimed it, they lost.

  3. LSBeene says:

    Also, because I’m a grounded guy and don’t believe in telepathy …

    Is anyone going to believe that an Attorney General did all of this, all on his own, involving multiple departments, without anyone noticing, let alone with no one in the whispering bureaucracy class not making a phone call?

    Washington is ALL about the power of information, but the whistle-blowers didn’t call another department. They didn’t call the AG’s office. They didn’t drop a line to the White House (or a buddy in the Secret Service there). No, the whistle blowers knew they had to go to the press.

    Also, even if AG Holder orchestrated this whole thing – which I believe (more on that in a second), if he embarressed the president this badly, in such a public way, on an issue that Pres. Obama clearly wants to work on QUIETLY = AG Holder would have resigned.

    But, further – at the same time the multiple DOJ agencies are working F&F, other CABINET level positions (State for instance), organizations/departments that are wholly separate from the DOJ, all start to simultaneously spout the 90% line.

    And, be very very clear: in Washington, you don’t go into someone else’s back yard and start coopting their power, their mission, their talent, or start formulating their message without permission. If AG Holder were covertly DIRECTING Sec of State Clinton’s Dept …. does anyone think when she found out that AG Holder wouldn’t have had his nuts handed to him?

    So, it was across multiple agencies – meaning it wasn’t the head of the ATF, FBI, or DHS running this all by themselves – this was coordinated. Can anyone imagine what the director of the ATF, FBI, or DHS would do if they found out one of the other DOJ agencies was running roughshod over their “territory”? There would be hell to pay.

    And the 3-5 directors of those agencies getting together, all on their own, to creat F&F? And they don’t even inform their boss to get at least tacit permission? That goes against any political appointee’s grain of CYA to go and do that. So, no, that’s discarded.

    So at least at the AG’s executive staff’s level someone (I suspect AG Holder) had to give direction, permission, and policy for this to happen.

    As to if Pres Barak Obama knew … that’s murky. But, again, if AG Holder did this, all on his own, how did he get Sec State Clinton to sing on his bandwagon’s tune. What? She’s going to risk her career and name on AG Holder’s anti-gun wet dream policy fantasy, without the personal assurance and backing of the President? Really? Does anyone think she’d do that? Is AG Holder her bosom or ideological soul-mate who has been her trusted friend for years?

    For other cabinet level agencies to go along with this they’d need to feel they had “top cover” and some major CYA power. AG Holder could not provide that. And they must have known this. So what would have made them feel they were protected?

    Presidential assurances.

    That’s all speculation on my part – but can anyone tell me what part of my analysis is flawed?

    I’d sincerely like to know.

    – Steven

  4. emdfl says:

    Considering that every one else who has caused the won any heartburn has been thrown under the bus, one has to wonder what exactly holder has on obumble that he still is upright and walking.