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NC Democrats attack 2nd Amendment with HB1192

Written By: Bob - Jun• 06•12

They’re melting down as a party, but North Carolina Democrats aren’t done yet destroying themselves ahead of Barack Obama’s nomination. They apparently decided that now was the perfect time to trot out a bill to attack the self defense rights of North Carolinians.

House Bill 1192, sponsored by state Representative Alma Adams (D-58), was introduced in an apparent attempt to exploit the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida that has received so much sensationalistic anti-gun coverage from the media.  This bill, if passed and enacted into law would eliminate the protections established in HB 650 for a law-abiding citizen who uses a firearm for self-defense if faced with a violent criminal attacker while away from the home. The NRA strongly opposes this bill, and will work to defeat this legislation along with any other attempts to weaken self-defense laws in North Carolina.

The idea is destined to be every bit as popular as Governor Beverly Perdue’s suggest last year to cancel the 2012 Presidential election. I’ve never seen a state party so intent on committing suicide, but I wish them the best of luck if that is their desire.

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