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Obama’s legacy to be decided today

Written By: Bob - Jun• 28•12

In one corner, we have the United States Supreme Court, weighing in with a decision on  Obamacare. Will it strike the law down in it’s entirety, gut keep provisions, or all it to stand? The ink is rumored to have been dry on this one for several weeks and Democrats are already spinning any variant of a defeat as victory.

In the opposite corner is the House of Representatives, voting on a motion to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt for obstructing the Oversight Committee’s investigation into Operation Fast and Furious, a gun-running plot by the Administration that sent 2,500 weapons to the Sinaloa cartel in hopes of enough of those weapons being recovering in Mexico to pad the “90-percent lie” trying to being sold to the American public by the Obama Administration in hopes of influencing gun control policy. As many as 29 Democrats are expected to vote with the Republican majority to hold the Attorney General in contempt. The Congressional Black Circus Caucus is rumored to be plotting a grandstanding and racist racial solidarity walkout in support of Holder and Obama.

If both votes go against Obama today as many expect, his legacy is not just gutted with his singular accomplishment (Obamacare) discarded, but takes a step towards (further) disgrace and criminalization with Holder’s contempt citation and possible arrest.

It couldn’t happen to a nice bunch of goons.

Obamacare Update: Supreme Court affirms Obamacare, 5-4, with Chief Justice Roberts siding with the liberals on the court.  Ace provides a little more detail on a baffling opinion.

Roberts joined the liberals. The holding is apparently that it cannot be justified as a Commerce Clause power, but can be under the taxing power.Medicaid expansion coercion limited but not thrown out. Again, via SCOTUSblog.

Further: The entire act is upheld, except for the Medicaid expansion, which is construed “narrowly.” I assume that means they bless the law but signal to the executive they will impose limits in further adjudication.

Good Lord.

The judicial branch of government just granted the other two branch’s right to rape the citizenry, if by a different method than we expected. I’m stunned.

Economically, this decision is bad for the economy and cyanide for the nation’s recovery.

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One Comment

  1. rumcrook says:

    Its really simple, the government is the the country now. The people are merely inhabitants. What ever promotes the will and power of the government and its hive will be twisted and convoluted to its benifit.

    And just as in Europe we will be replaced as a population by new peoples who will be more inclined to be serfs enslaved to and yet supportive of the government if we make too much trouble.

    Thier really are moments where the downward slide of a great nation and people can be pin pointed. We clear thinking people have just witnessed one.