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House to hold contempt of Congress vote on Attorney General Holder next week

The House Oversight and Government Committee has scheduled a contempt of Congress vote for Attorney General Eric Holder next week, for refusing to turn over tens of thousands of documents related the government’s Fast and Furious operation subpoenaed in October 2011. Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., released a 64-page memo in early May outlining the […]

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Simple answers to stupid questions: Why didn’t Trayvon bleed on Zimmerman?

I’ve found myself repeatedly answering the same questions for dim Trayvon Martin apologists, and figured that as they come up, I can document them. Today’s question is: If Trayvon Martin was on top of George Zimmerman when he was shot in the heart, why wasn’t TM’s blood on GZ? This is a simple question best […]

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Like hotcakes

I saw an article linked off of Drudge that Hornady’s Zombie Max ammo/marketing campaign is flying off the shelves as a result of the highly-publicized recent rash of cannibal attacks across the U.S. and into Canada. If the ammo is doing well, this rifle should do great. While other gun companies have offered a zombie-themed […]

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NC Democrats attack 2nd Amendment with HB1192

They’re melting down as a party, but North Carolina Democrats aren’t done yet destroying themselves ahead of Barack Obama’s nomination. They apparently decided that now was the perfect time to trot out a bill to attack the self defense rights of North Carolinians. House Bill 1192, sponsored by state Representative Alma Adams (D-58), was introduced […]

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Hahahahahaha….Republicans take Wisconsin recalls in a clean sweep

Democrats had their hopes smashed tonight as Wisconsin recall elections forced by enraged union goons and national Democrats flamed out in spectacular fashion. Scott Walker remains Governor. Rebecca Kleefisch remains Lt. Governor. All recalled Republican State Senators are currently winning with 60% or more. Cue melting death metal bunny.

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