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Zombie attack prankster… could he have legally been shot?

Written By: Bob - Jun• 04•12

In a nation suddenly rattled by a series of of cannibalistic attacks that has left four people dead in a week, pulling a stunt where you pretend to be a blood-drenched zombie running up on people in public isn’t just dangerously unpredictable, but suicidal.

Watch carefully at the 2:00 minute mark and see where one of the zombie’s would-be “victims” pulls a large handgun and points it at him, but for some reason decides not to fire.

If you had been one of these people, in a state where concealed carry is legal and you either can’t retreat (you are infirm, “zombie” is faster, in a car stuck in traffic, etc) or don’t have an obligation to retreat, would you be justified in shooting someone growling at you, advancing upon you, seemingly covered in blood?Even if they have no obvious weapons, would the cultural psychological fear of being simply bit by a zombie be enough to justify a deadly for response, using the “reasonable man standard” so often applied in these cases?

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  1. J H in TX says:

    I think what obviously happens at the end is pretty close to what should have happened every time. Was 911 ever called? Did the cops ever show? I’m not worried about being bitten by a zombie – but if I’m being advanced on by a blood covered, screaming, growling thing, I’m not going to let him get inside my bubble, whatever it takes. Not funny and somebody should have caught this guy earlier and beat the crap out of him.

  2. mightysamurai says:

    Can we stop calling this a “zombie” attack please? We’re talking about a guy who was so high on drugs he killed and mutilated another man. Calling it a “zombie” attack only paves the way for more “pranks” like this, which will inevitably lead to someone getting accidentally killed.

    • Casey says:

      You saw how close that came to happening on this vid.

      I think Orion has the right of it; keep blood-dripping (apparent) maniacs at a distance.

  3. SDN says:

    “would you be justified in shooting someone growling at you, advancing upon you, seemingly covered in blood?”

    Yes, especially since I’m not out of touch with reality enough to think he’s a zombie, but I’m not going HTH with him.

  4. Orion says:

    I’m with the others. I’d have serious doubts about my ability to outrun what appears to be a drugged-up psychotic who’s already ripped someone else up, infected with gods-only-knows-what.

    I’d likely have back pedaled as much as I could and then engaged with my .45.


  5. JTwig says:

    I don’t know about everyone else, but if I saw a blood soak man acting crazy and advancing upon my children (as a lot of the people in the video were children) while they were playing out side, I would not hesitate to do what I though I had to do to protect them. If I later found out that it was someone playing a prank I would feel horrible, but I would still feel I did the right thing. Whether the Michigan State Police would feel the same way I have no clue!

  6. emdfl says:

    This incident strikes me as a good commercial for the use of laser idicator on your carry piece. I ‘spect that when that little red dot popped up on his chest, the
    “zombie” and his “cameraman” would have sh** their pants as they fled the scene.

  7. emdfl says:

    Granted that this must be some northern city, but did anyone besides me notice that this appears to be some idiot white guy pulling this crap in what appears to be black neighbohoods? He’s lucky some gangbanger didn’t decide to “make his bones” on his ass.

    • JTwig says:

      Not only was it a white guy chasing mostly black teens, I believe it was also filmed in Miami. While I wouldn’t do something like this period, I defiently would not do it in a state like Flordia, especially in the cities of Orlando and Miami.

  8. Linoge says:

    Seems like a perfectly outstanding way to get your ass shot and completely ruin another person’s life. A violent-seeming person covered in apparent blood shambling towards someone would be bad enough, but in light of the recent events, people are very likely to show you the consummate errors of your ways first, and then ask questions.

    On a lighter note, it is situations like this that mean that if/when the zombie apocalypse really does happen, the human race is screwed. We have been too inured by Hollywood, and most people would think it was “just a joke” or a “publicity stunt”.

  9. While I agree with everything said – I’d have shot the sumbiatch – I still LLOLed…