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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

A day of history

Written By: Bob - Jul• 04•12

We spent the morning in the NC Museum of History with my parents and kids learning about who we are as a people from prehistory until now. It wasn’t July 4 specific, but it was an excellent addition to the Revolutionary War history so many of us already know and revere. ¬†Our freedom comes at a great cost and at great peril, and must always jealously be guarded against those that think they know better to do with out liberty than we, be they foreign armies, or domestic enemies.

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  1. rumcrook says:

    And right on time the nyt has an article questioning the need for all this antiquated personal liberty….

  2. Jane K. says:

    Sadly Bob, we are watching domestic enemies – the left – do what no foreign one has been able to do.