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FN Five-seveN: Zimmerman’s choice for Panthers

Written By: Bob - Jul• 12•12

After the New Black Panther Party put a price on George Zimmerman’s head, he decided that he wasn’t going to take any assassination attempts lying down.

Having not been accused of any politically-motivated crimes at the time and still in possession of a valid Florida CCH permit, Zimmerman equipped himself with a FN Five-seveN, a decent choice of weapon for some that faced the possibility of a lynching if caught by the racist mob.

The Five-seveN is reasonably light, concealable with the right clothing, has minimal recoil, and comes with 3-20 magazines. When he turned himself in after a warrant was sworn out for his arrest, Zimmerman came in from hiding with the Five-seveN, the three 20-round magazines loaded, and one in chamber, all of which was turned over to the police department as he was processed.

Zimmerman wasn’t a very good shot (according to his shooting buddy who was interviewed by the FBI), but the 61 rounds he was carrying would have thinned out any racist Panthers-inspired lynch mob in short order. All in all, not a bad choice of handgun for someone expecting a riot.

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  1. harp1034 says:

    Where is his gun now? I bet the sheriff didn’t give it back when he got out on bail. If I had to go turn myself in, I wouldn’t be packing heat.

  2. Linoge says:

    In general, I am not a huge fan of the Five-seveN; I love the concept, but given that the cartridge was designed to have at least an SBR barrel behind it, its performance out of a pistol barrel is somewhat… uninspiring (at least in terms of the ammunition available to us mere peons).

    However, given that 20-round magazines are standard and 30-rounders are available, I dare say it would be the perfect handgun for the kinds of mobs the Black Panthers have a propensity for using. Sure, it may not measure up on the muzzle energy scale, but no one likes to be shot, and you could shoot a lot of lynching-on-their-minds thugs with that thing.

  3. luagha says:

    The FN 5-7 was the Fort Hood shooter’s primary weapon. Thankfully of low lethality.

  4. Bob in Houston says:

    I’d say Major Hasan proved the Five-seveN’s performance at Ft. Hood, not a fan of the pistol but I do so love my PS-90, for not much more than the price of the pistol, he
    could have had the compact carbine that holds 50 rounds per mag(Zimmerman, not the asshat Hasan)