Bob Owens

The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

How cute: someone still thinks Occupy is relevant

Written By: Bob - Jul• 19•12

Other than as a gathering place for the homeless, hipsters, and rapists Occupy was always too incoherent to be taken seriously, and when it limped away into obscurity no one really noticed. Well except this guy, who seems to think now is the time for Occupy to strike.

And this is perhaps the most important component of any successful movement: leadership. Strong leadership can work within the existing system, help create a new system and turn abstract ideas into concrete plans.

Had all the founders been a Thomas Paine, a quick-witted pamphleteer with big ideas but no way to transform them into action, Americans would still be having afternoon tea.

The Occupy movement might not be dead completely, but unless it can figure out a way to work within the existing system, turn its ideas into action and appoint strong leadership, it will be only a memory after the November elections.

His attempt to compare the Founders to the Occupiers is spot-on. Remember when Ben Franklin took a dump on a constable’s horse?

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