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Media can’t stop jumping to conclusions about Aurora theater shooting

Written By: Bob - Jul• 24•12

CBS News senior correspondent John Miller seems to be the next MSM reporter to risk his reputation as a result of the Aurora Colorado theater massacre.  Miller makes a completely unsupported claim, and then contradicting himself in the following paragraphs:

“Here’s an individual who we see kind of lolling in court but who went into that theater, actually shooting and hitting with bullets more than 52 people of the 70 injured,” said Miller on “CBS This Morning.” “Here’s a guy who went in with what we think was about 100 rounds; that gives him a 50 percent hit ratio.

“From law enforcement, when you go on the range and you’re shooting at a paper target – it is standing still and waits for you – that’s a 90 to 94 percent hit ratio in a lot of places. In combat shooting in the street, police officers often hit in ranges of 21 to 25 percent of their targets.”

In addition, Miller said, the shooter was able to maintain that high ratio with three different types of weapons.

“He chose the shotgun, which you know the expression the ‘shotgun effect’ — it’s blasting out. That is one weapon, but he transitioned neatly from that to the AR-15 [semi-automatic assault rifle], which had that drum magazine of 100, which we believe jammed. And then he transitioned from that to the pistol until he was out of that ammunition.

Which is it, Mr. Miller? He-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named went in with “about a hundred rounds,” or he went in with:

  • a 100-round capacity drum magazine for the AR-15
  • an unknown number of spare 30-round magazines for the AR-15, including the one photographed in the rifle at the crime scene.
  • a tactical shotgun with a 7 round magazine and an unknown number of shells
  • a .40 S&W Glock pistol, with an unknown number of magazines.

Miller appears to be pulling the claim of 100 rounds fired completely out of thin air.

The fact that he is comparing two completely unlike situations–a police officer (typically) shooting at an armed individual firing at him versus a suspect massacring unarmed innocents in a packed movie theater turned abattoir–is even further repugnant.

Nothing suggests the shooter was particularly competent with his firearms, and the fact he was unable to clear his jammed weapon suggests incompetence and/or unfamiliarity with his rifle at the minimum.

There is no evidence at all that the suspect was skilled or practiced.

All that the evidence shows is that it is easy to slaughter innocents when roughly 300 are crammed together in a small space with nowhere to run, and no way of defending themselves.

An evil mind conspired with theater policy and unrealistic and murderously ill-conceived restrictions on concealed carry to create another “gun-free zone” ripe for slaughter. That is all we know for sure.

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  1. captainfish says:

    actually shooting and hitting with bullets more than 52 people of the 70 injured,”

    Hello Bob,
    Do we have true and exact numbers as to how many people he actually shot? I find it odd that he injured 70\71\72 people but only shot 52?

    Is the author trying to advocate for smaller ammo clips? Well, how did that work out when he was able to purchase a vest that allowed him to carry multiple clips? So, how many rounds did he actually have?

    If we assume based on the supposed number of some-type of rounds he bought in the range of 6000, then his accuracy is then crap.

    • Sean says:

      One of the reports said he had 6000 rounds split mostly between 7.62 rounds for the assault rifle, 9mmrounds for pistol he was supposedly carrying and the rest were supposedly a couple “cases” of shells for the shotgun.First reports said he had all this “on him”. IIRC according to one report he had a 100 round C clip for the “assault rifle” and it jammed on him. I call bullshit.

  2. david7134 says:

    Remember he was shooting at Americans(heavy weight, basically cowards). I am surprised that only about 20 would be hurt with all the heffers running for the door.

    • captainfish says:

      oooooooo.. bad. and yes, not cool.

      Now, it seems the media is reporting that stupid-dude had purchased 60,000 rounds of ammo.

      … according to bill o’reilly.

      And he asks why the feds don’t follow these people around who buy lots of ammo. Bill’s “black helicopter” moment.