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Where is the information about the Aurora theater shooter’s body armor?

Within the first 48 hours of the Aurora Colorado theater massacre, we knew the specific details of the weapons that the shooter used, from the brand and caliber of each weapon (Smith & Wessom M&P15 carbine, Remington 12-gauge shottie, Glock .40 S&W pistols) to the ammunition used. What we don’t know almost anything about is […]

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Are Progressives too dumb to grasp the plain meaning of the First Amendment?

Remember when a Republican was President, dissent was the highest form of patriotism, and having the right to share your opinion on the issues of the day without being attacked for it was a key demand of the far left? When they’re in office, that no longer applies. A Chicago politician said he will block […]

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Little thug tries to pull a Trayvon, gets shot, then arrested

Sooner or later, these bastards are going to learn that lots of good people carry firearms, and they aren’t going to put up with their crap. A 16-year-old boy faces criminal charges after a shooting outside of a Port St. Lucie movie theater. But the teen was the intended target of the shooting, not the […]

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If you have a massacre, gun owners didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.

Writing in PJ Media, Clayton Cramer points out that would wouldn’t have so many massacres by the obviously mentally ill if progressives hadn’t mandated that the crazies be allowed to run wild on the street: …for centuries the connection between mental illness and violence was considered sufficiently obvious that the legal system provided various ways […]

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Media can’t stop jumping to conclusions about Aurora theater shooting

CBS News senior correspondent John Miller seems to be the next MSM reporter to risk his reputation as a result of the Aurora Colorado theater massacre.  Miller makes a completely unsupported claim, and then contradicting himself in the following paragraphs: “Here’s an individual who we see kind of lolling in court but who went into […]

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