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PI claims Colorado theater shooter is Occupy Black Bloc member angry over how the group was portrayed in the film

Written By: Bob - Jul• 20•12

Nothing detailed, but probably every bit as accurate as ABC News’ Brian Ross trying to blame the Tea Party (again).

James Holmes was allegedly furious at how Director Christopher Nolan portrayed the Occupy movement of which he was allegedly apart.

Update: Shockingly, a FL private detective is every bit as competent at jumping to conclusions as ABC News reporter Brian Ross. I contacted the Denver Black Bloc via Twitter. They’ve never heard of the guy.

Odds are there is no political connection, just a crazy being crazy.

Not for nothing, but he was a neuroscience student, and then dropped out. Not to impugn those who work in neuroscience, but there is an old bit of Wives Tale Wisdom that says mentally unwell people are very attracted to psychology. They want to fix themselves, you know?

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  1. If that guy’s idea pans out as true, there is gonna be a ton of blowback delivered to the lefties’ fingering of Rush/Tea Party knee-jerk calumny.

  2. NRA says:

    Occupy Black Bloc member?

    Gosh darn that Sara Palin, huh?

  3. I would have liked to see Warner provide a bit more evidence. He did a good job investigating and show the Occupy links for those nuts who had planned the bombings in Ohio, but this was pretty weak tea.

  4. sole says:

    funny… after the ghost of andrew breitbart started linking him to occupy, occupy denver members on our discussion groups have been posting pics of this guy to see if anyone knew who he was… no one has ever seen this guy in our lives… so he is not an occupy protestor… “black bloq” is not a “faction” of occupy. it is a tactic used by some people, mostly anarchists, but it is not an organization. you guys can say whatever you want and make whatever currency of this disaster you want, but that doesn’t mean its true.

    • NRA says:

      No one here has made definite claims or is “saying whatever” just yet. We don’t know what is true. If you had read the brief report above, you’d have noted the heavy skepticism.

      Probably just another Loughner?

      If you do come up with something verifiable, please share.

      . . .

      What a horror. Prayers for the kids and their families.

  5. david7134 says:

    I thought that the occupy movement was communist and socialist like Obama. So how does the Tea Party figure into this? What is happening is the same thing as occurred in the 60’s. There were bombing and killings carried out by the left. The press even covered up the situation back then.

  6. mytralmann says:

    Neuroscience is about physiology not psychology, Bob. One thing I have noticed about the few I knew and have read the writings of are that they believe that when the brain dies, that is it for all life. There is no soul and nothing beyond the electrical impulses they study. They are complete materialists. This guy will have no remorse.

  7. Sean says:

    and of course we have the inevitable calls for banning guns…AGAIN. Because of course it’s not the fault of the PERSON pulling the trigger…it’s the evil MIND of the weapon itself at fault. Since as all know..guns aren’t inanimate objects…they are evil incarnate. *snort* brainless fuckwits.

  8. Cole says:

    Would the Black Bloc be honest? Occupy always distances themselves from crimes their members commit. They’ve flat out lied about criminals attended their events when there is photographic proof. Would Black Bloc be any different? The shooter was a young, disturbed, unemployed, grad student. That’s the resume of an Occutard.

  9. david7134 says:

    Instead of banning guns, note that technically the government has accomplished this, why don’t we do something about mental health? WE did not have these problems in the 60’s before the liberals did away with mental health facilities.