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Zimmerman should walk. It’s Corey who should face charges

Written By: Bob - Jul• 12•12

I just got done scanning through the 284 pages of documentation released today in the George Zimmerman case. I’ll go through it in more detail this evening, but several things stand out.

  • Zimmerman never appreciably changes his story regarding the shooting, regardless of who he talks to
  • Only the ALE officer and ex-GF show that a younger Zimmerman had a mild temper.
  • The consensus opinion of anyone who knew Zimmerman in recent years is that he was quiet, conscientious, concerned about his community and even tempered
  • No abuse of alcohol or drugs; even during social occasions only had a galls of wine, was never drunk
  • There isn’t the first shred of racism in anything George Zimmerman has ever done
  • No one who knows Zimmerman has ever heard him utter a racial slur
  • Zimmerman apparently purchased a FN 5.7×28 pistol with three magazines after the Black Panthers put a bounty on his head. The gun was surrendered to authorities upon his arrest
  • eyewitness testimony is all over the place, but several seem to agree someone roughly matching the description of the clothing Trayvon Martin was wearing was on top of someone roughly matching the clothing worn by George Zimmerman
  • one witness was able to corroborate that the person on top had darker skin, and the person on bottom had lighter skin
  • Three local gangs in Sanford use the name “Goons” in their gang name. Is that what Zimmerman said that some keep trying to claim was “coons?”

When all of the evidence released in this case so far (today’s documents, along with the prior discovery documentation released and the audio and video submitted into evidence, it becomes ever more clear that George Zimmerman didn’t have any attention of hurting anyone that night in February. At most, he was overzealous in attempting to follow Martin determine where he went when he ran away.

Once again, no evidence tarnishes Zimmerman’s contention that he was on his way back to his vehicle when attacked by Trayvon Martin, and that he was eventually forced to shoot Martin in self-defense.

George Zimmerman was guilty of being a good citizen, attempting to help his community and the responding police. Trayvon Martin, a misogynist drug-abusing teen according to his own social media who had been suspended from school three times, seem to have let his anger at begin followed get the better of him, and apparently committed felony battery which created the situation that ended in his life being terminated.

Now more than ever, the affidavit submitted to the court  used to justify the arrest of Zimmerman on second degree murder charges appears to be almost fraudulent in it’s composition. There is simply no evidence whatsoever justifying the charging of George Zimmerman with any crime at all.

Angela Corey has much to answer for in bringing this travesty of a case to court.

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  1. Sparky says:

    “Zimmerman apparently purchased a FN 5.7×28 pistol with three magazines after the Black Panthers put a bounty on his head. ”

    I’m really starting to like this guy.

  2. LC Scotty says:

    What are your thoughts on borrowing a page from Mike/David’s playbook and filing a complaint with the Bar association?

    • IANAL, but I think that it would be an excellent idea if Zimmerman filed complaints against Corey, but that should extend up to Ms Bambi … especially if the FBI’s conclusion that Zimmerman acted with no racial motivation gives the judge the political cover to dismiss the charges before the trial.

  3. mightysamurai says:

    I think sufficient poetic justice would be for Corey’s wages to be heavily garnished to pay the city of Sanford back for all the expenses accrued as a result of this farce.

  4. Neo says:

    The FBI found no racial bias behind George Zimmerman’s shooting of Miami Gardens teen Trayvon Martin, according to dozens of documents related to the case released Thursday.

    Show of hands … how many folks think this will stop “cowardly” Eric Holder’s DOJ from filing civil rights and/or hate crimes against Zimmerman if he gets off in state court ?

  5. LSBeene says:

    From Neo:
    “Show of hands … how many folks think this will stop “cowardly” Eric Holder’s DOJ from filing civil rights and/or hate crimes against Zimmerman if he gets off in state court ?”

    But, but, but, Eric is just trying to bravely stand up to a “nation of cowards” …..

    It’s racist when it’s done to one group, but it’s not racist when it’s done to another. – so much for the “post racial presidency”

  6. Don’t you understand that this case is not about “justice” in the senseof punishing an individual for legal wrongdoing? It is about “justice” in the sense of appeasing loud mobs of “oppressed” minorities and their unelected “leaders” who have whipped them into a frenzy.

    If Martin had been white and Zimmerman black, there would be no charges. Those leading howling mobs for “justice” would be labeled as racists seeking to lynch an innocent black man and there would be criminal charges against the leaders and participants in such marches and jail time for those threatening Zimmerman’s life. There would have been no special prosecutor, no firing of the police chief, no FBI investigation and no threats of federal prosecution if the state court doesn’t
    get it right”.

    That’s what we call “equal justice” in this country.

  7. Sean says:

    You heard about the “sexual assault” allegations by the same nutjob female neighbor who told the cops that Z hates black people, la la la…he’s evil, la la la. Yep they are REALLY pulling out all the stops to try and retrieve this clusterfucked case and railroad Z.