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Another anti-gay hate crime proves to be fake

Written By: Bob - Aug• 22•12

Legitimate crimes against people deserved to be prosecuted regardless of who the victims are, but there is no doubt that allegations of hate crimes get a lot of media attention. Unfortunately, there also seem to be a lot of nuts drawn towards making fake hate crime allegations, and another one just got busted for it.

If people are going to make fake hate crime allegations, shouldn’t the penalty for making a such a false allegation result in “enhanced” charges, just as the actual crime would have?

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  1. Joel C says:

    If someone is falsely accused, thereby placed in jeopardy of enhanced penalty, I’d say yeah, turnabout is fair play. In this lady’s case, with no one accused, I wouldn’t see any justice in it.

    A’course, I don’t see the justice in “enhanced” penalties for what amounts to some kind of thought crime component in the first place. Guess I’m just not with it!

  2. “Legitimate” crimes? Surely you’re not suggesting that people fake crimes?

    pm, stirrin’the pot!