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Blaming Peggy Joseph

Written By: Bob - Aug• 09•12

In the days since a white supremacist musician shot up a Sikh temple in Oak Creek Wisconsin before taking his own life to avoid capture, the media has spent as much time as they reasonably can attempting to link neo-Nazis and other flavors of organized white racism to the modern conservative political movement, particularly the Tea Party. The fact that the various Tea Party groups are color blind and some of the biggest Tea Party stars are minorities is something the media chooses to ignore. It doesn’t match their narrative.

It struck me, reading PBS’s latest post about white supremacism, that the same media that finds racism behind every blade of grass where conservatives walk, but that their appetite for racism goes one way only. They fail to see racism on the left, ignoring it or justifying it, especially when it comes from left-leaning minority groups.

I suppose one could make a compelling argument that modern-day leftist politics is rooted in 50 shades of hate.

Radical gays hate Christians over their stance on sodomy, gay marriage, etc. Radical leftists hate Christians for having Biblical-based views on charity and giving, family structures, and traditional gender and familial roles.

Racist blacks are given carte blanche to hate whites, Hispanics, Asians and Jews in specific, with little or no commentary against their racism. Racist and nationalist Latinos are allowed to hate whites, blacks, Asians and Jews and rant about “taking back” the southwest and western states, with little or no negative media cover directed at them.

And of course, we have the various leftist groups that have come together under various banners to promote hatred against those seeking prosperity through their own hard work and capitalism in general, and who are aligned against individual responsibility.

What do all these groups want? They want “more,” and they want that “more” to be given to them–they don’t want an equal opportunity, they just want the goods–and they want to silence those that would be force to give up what they have earned to satisfy their lazy lust for entitlements.

Remember Peggy Joseph, the poster-child for handouts?

Joseph expected under an Obama presidency that she’d be “taken care of” in some way. It is never explicitly made clear why Joseph thinks that electing Obama was going to enable her to jump further up the “free shit bandwagon” of a dependent culture. Did she think that a half-black socialist President would dramatically expand the number of people on the federal dole? If that’s what she thought she was accurate, if not in the way she envisioned.

I don’t think Obama is putting gas in her car, he’s just making taxpayers foot the bill for hundreds of millions of dollars politically-funneled in failed green energy projects. I don’t see Obama paying her mortgage, but he certainly isn’t moving to evict her if she won’t pay her bills. The takers of our society love what the current President promises to give them. They aren’t thrilled about the possibility of having to take care of themselves. They are terrified of taking responsibility for themselves. They call themselves Americans, but have no idea what American exceptionalism entails or demands of its citizenry.

Several nights ago on Twitter I heard–and not for the first time–that there would be riots if Obama failed in his re-election bid. It is quite possible that the core constituencies of Balkanized special interests aligned in anger against the core values of this nation will throw a massive temper-tantrum befitting their failed leader’s disgraceful exit from office as the worst President in America history.

Those that would riot over an election are not doing so because the process is unfair (though they’ll claim it is) or because the process was compromised (like the voting by felons that put Al Franken in the Senate). They will riot because they fear the gravy train of unearned entitlements will be over, and that the same corporate CEO (Romney) that trimmed the fat out of bloated businesses to make them successful will put an end to their free rides.

The Peggy Josephs of this world will turn out in force in November, in the hope that their ballots will ensure that your taxes will go up to provide them with more freebies. They’ll continue until the entire overburdened system comes crashing down.

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  1. Sean says:

    “50 shades of hate*
    spew warning next time you do that Bob! lol

  2. Orion says:

    The level of voter fraud is going to be S T U N N I N G.

    Well, it would be if the media would report on it, which they won’t.

    Obama will win with 52% of the popular vote and about 290-300 electoral votes. Not a landslide, just enough to seem legitimate. The Socialists learned their lessons well from the Soviet Union, China, and other marvelous Socialist nations where the President for Life won every election with more than 99% of the vote. Just didn’t look right. Can’t have that. Gotta keep up the pretense that elections are fair so that the peons don’t pick up their damn’d rifles that we still can’t take away from them and come after us!


  3. Melensdad says:

    Bob, I never figured you as a race bating hater. This article shows your true colors. If the media hasn’t taken your words out of context before, they will use this to show you as a race bating hater despite the logic you use to make a sound case. Yes, the true colors in your mind appear to be clouded with logical and rational thought. But that won’t stop them.

    Repent now!

    • Orion says:

      Sadly, I think you’re right.

      And of course, the fine gentleman speaking in the educational video above is a paragon of racial tolerance and love.

      Figures a Racist like Bob would try to put him down and use his cautionary video to his brothers and sisters as a way to raise terror among the other racists! Terror of the Black Man!



  4. mytralmann says:

    Actually Bob you are just quoting Humphrey Bogart talking to Edward G Robinson in the film Key Largo. Since you are still a youngster, it can’t be plagiarism, just a similar thought. Bogart plays a small business owner (hotel) where EGR (a crook on the lam) goes to hole up. It is a familiar theme in the O campaign now.

  5. emdfl says:

    The term you are looking for there, Bob, is “gibsmedat”.