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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

How long before one of Obama’s cultists goes the “full Moore?”

Written By: Bob - Aug• 13•12

It looks like a couple of Obama zealots rushed the stage when Paul Ryan was speaking today in Des Moines, Iowa. At least one of the women was arrested for assault.

I’m with Moe in being very thankful that nothing more serious happened, and I’m more than a little bit stunned that they were able to get through the Secret Service, which shouldn’t have let anyone get that close.

What worries me is that that these two particular individuals meant the future Vice President ill-will, but that the weakness of the security might encourage a Occupy-loving leftist  radical to try to pull a Sara Jane Moore and try to assassinate Ryan or Mitt Romney.

Radical leftist Sara Jane Moore tried to assassinate President Gerald Ford, but failed because the sights on her gun were not well-regulated. She claims that she would have killed the President with the .44 revolver that had been confiscated from her the day before.

These nuts got within contact distance, and could have made short work of the candidate with a knife or gun before security finally responded. Considering the Occupy movement’s violent reputation for arson, rape, murder and domestic terrorism, I don’t think we can be too careful, and should considering forcefully taking down anyone attempting to rush a candidate.

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  1. redc1c4 says:

    do Romney and Ryan even have SS protection yet?

    after all they haven’t even been nominated…and i wouldn’t put it past certain parties to try and stall said coverage, even if it was due.

  2. harp1034 says:

    I could be wrong but it looked like Ryan did not have Secert Service protection to me. Romney does. Those guys looked to be private security to me. One uniformed state trooper. Paul Ryan is not yet the offical veep canidate of the Republican party.
    If someone has any information feel free to set the record straight.

  3. rumcrook says:

    Is this ticket protecting itself? Or waiting for “the state” to do it, romney needs to hire prfessionals if the sec service isn’t being provided.

  4. Jayne Cobb says:

    I would’ve loved to see Ryan pull out an Asp baton when those idiots climbed up on stage…