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Is a “significant threat” like a “legitimate rape?” Todd Akin learns new phrases

Written By: Bob - Aug• 24•12

I’ll be perfectly honest with you: I have no idea if the words used in the threat indicate another nutjob leftist like Floyd Corkins wants to put bodies in the ground, or if Akin has so thoroughly pissed off establishment Republicans that they want his head on a pike.

Either way, this is uncalled for.

The U.S. Capitol Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are investigating “at least one threat they deem significant,” Steve Taylor, a member of Akin’s congressional staff in Missouri, said in a phone interview yesterday. Capitol Police and Akin chief of staff Lauren Ellis also confirmed the investigation.

Taylor declined to specify the exact nature of the threat. Calls to the congressman’s office urged the “rape of Congressman Akin’s official staff, the congressman and members of his family, and there’s also been some suggestions that some people die,” Taylor said.

I think Akin is ignorant and a political disaster, but he doesn’t deserve death threats, no matter what you think of his education, intellect, or social policy.

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