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Lying on her grave

Written By: Bob - Aug• 08•12

Joe Soptic. Union Democrat. Corpse Abuser. Obama Super PAC star.

Who is Joe Soptic, and why does he think so little of his dead wife that he’d use her corpse as a campaign prop for Barack Obama in what may be the most despicable ad in American Presidential campaign history?

In the ad, released Tuesday by super PAC Priorities USA and titled “Understands,” Soptic makes his most heated claim to date, suggesting a link between his wife’s death five years ago and the Bain takeover.”

“When Mitt Romney and Bain closed the plant, I lost my health care, and my family lost their health care,” Soptic says in the minute-long ad. “And a short time after that my wife became ill . . . she passed away in 22 days.”

That assertion, however, is a bald-faced lie, as even the Obama surrogates at the Washington Post are forced to admit with a “four Pinocchio” rating, saying with disgust:

On just every level, this ad stretches the bounds of common sense and decency.

Soptic, a lifelong Democrat and union member, fails to mention the fact that Romney left Bain in 1999 to save the Salt Lake Winter Olympics from financial ruin, that the steel company didn’t lay him off until 2001, and that his wife didn’t discover her cancer and pass from that until five years after that, in 2006… seven years after Romney left Bain.

  • Soptic used his wife’s corpse to assert that Romney closed the plant, his family lost their healthcare, and as a result, Soptic’s wife died.
  • Soptic didn’t mention that Romney wasn’t active at Bain for two years before the layoffs.
  • Soptic didn’t mention that it wasn’t until seven years after Romney left Bain that his wife’s cancer was discovered.
  • Soptic didn’t mention that his wife was working and had her own insurance when he was laid off.
  • Soptic didn’t mention that there was no reason to even suspect his wife had cancer, that it was discovered in an already terminal phase, and that no insurance program could have changed her prognosis with such a late discovery.

Joe Soptic is a nasty piece of work, a disgraceful husband, and a union Democrat. No wonder Obama’s Super PAC Priorities USA couldn’t wait to use him for a Big Lie.

As for the Obama Campaign themselves, they won’t refute the ad nor Soptic. The Big Lie, after all, is their favorite propaganda technique.

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  1. mightysamurai says:

    Soptic also doesn’t mention that his wife had her own insurance through her employer.

  2. stephanie says:

    One word. DISGUSTING!

  3. mytralmann says:

    Even some Dems say they are ashamed of this lie. But not really. Most political ads are designed to be effective at a subliminal level, so they know this one has already done what it can for Obama, even as they distance themselves from it, and they are happy. Obama himself is a seamless liar so there can be no true objection to method from those he employes

  4. Jerry Weinberg says:

    As an independent voter, I am no longer undecided. This is the absolute turning point in the ongoing distortion of the truth to create a blatantly unfair and false impression of Governor Romney among undecided, more than uninformed, voters. If this is the nature of the incumbent party’s politics, combined with cowardly charges of Senator Reid and the nearly demented disorganized delusional comments of Congressman Pelosi, this should be enough evidence for sensible voters to make their choice based on more on an ideological difference between candidates and parties more than each party’s political tactics.

  5. S.Lynn says:

    Obama’s gonna be looked upon like the boy who cried wolf. Hopefully nothing he says will be taken as truth. One can only hope. Romney’s gotta dispel the lies a.s.a.p. then proceed to let Obama hang himself with his voluminous past remarks.